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Reporting and Jaspersoft

Over 400 companies use Rego as
their reporting and dashboards guide.

Data to Improve Decisions

Rego specializes in developing and delivering world class reporting options for Clarity PPM developers and administrators who want to get past the data and leverage decision-making information for Jaspersoft Ad-Hoc, Jaspersoft Dashboards,  and Jaspersoft Studio. Our team will empower yours.

Continue to learn new reporting skills with our courses and trainings:

How is Rego Different?

  • Tailored Clarity PPM reports and dashboards for your business.

  • Migration guidance when moving data to a new platform.

  • Continue to learn new reporting skills through regoUniversity, regoXchange, and other Rego training classes.

Rego has worked with 60% of Fortune 100 Companies and 70% of Fortune 20 Companies.

Rego Consulting - Helping You with Clarity PPM, ServiceNow, and Workfront consulting
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