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Why Rego for Rally Software ®?

Rego Consulting is your go-to partner for Rally Software ® services and licensing. Our deep understanding of the technology ecosystem, multiple toolsets, and processes allow us to serve as your Rally adviser and technologist.

When you choose Rally from Rego, you’ll work with certified consultants (SAFe, Scrum, Kanban) who have real-world industry experience and a commitment to your success. We offer end-to-end Rally implementations and Agile services, including Financial Management, Program Management, Product Funding, coaching, transformations, and workshops.

How is Rego Different?

As a premier Agile solution, Rally Software is renowned for its ability to support Agile team autonomy and organizational alignment. Over one thousand leading companies use Rally to drive business agility.

Wherever you are on your Agile journey, Rego can help. We understand that Agile is not “one size fits all,” which is why we help each client find the best solution, whether that’s SAFe Agile, a hybrid method, or something in between. We can help your organization mature from a set of disconnected tools and processes to an organization with deep insights into your programs.

Why Rego for Agile?

Rego’s Industry Best-Practices Facilitate Agile Transformations.

Agile Tool Migrator

Migrate Agile Data to Rally Software with Ease.

Rally Quick-Start Package

Let Rego Jumpstart Your Rally Implementation.

Rally Free 1/2 Day Training

Learn Rally with Rego’s Certified Agile Guides.

Rally Software Health Check

How Healthy is Your Rally Software Investment?

Clarity to Rally Connector

Seamlessly Update Clarity Roadmaps with Rally Initiatives.

Agile Master Class

Three Part Agile Webinar Series.

Rally Software Webinar

What’s New in the New UI.

Rally Software - Rego Consulting expert services - Agile

Strategy and Training Workshop

Create a foundation to transform your organization’s long-range goals and visions with fine-tuned Outcomes and Key Results.

Migration Services

Migrate your data from other Agile tools to Rally with our expert services.

Clarity Integration

Improve the efficiency, reliability, and value of the Out-of-the-Box Clarity to Rally connector.

Clarity Integration

Expand Performance with Rego’s Clarity PPM Integration, and increase your control, custom attributes, and mapping.

Our Keys to Success


Our 200+ Expert Guides use their deep experience as practitioners and consultants to speak to the unique business needs of each client.


We leverage a robust library of pre-built materials, reports, architectural templates, and deployment artifacts to reduce the cost of engagement.


We focus on end-user engagement and change management to increase value perception and Rally Software adoption.


We create a partnership and embed internal staff in the project to improve supportability and ensure clients understand the future impact of decisions.


We leverage our knowledge of industry best practices to advise and guide our clients, rather than simply gather requirements and develop.

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Why Rego for Agile?

Rego’s Industry Best-Practices Facilitate Agile Transformations.

Rego understands that Agile doesn’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why we have solutions specifically designed to interact with PMO and traditional PPM methods. We recommend an evolutionary approach that moves your organization in the right direction while ensuring minimal impact.

Value to You

  • Obtain a practical and tactical approach to Agile implementation using Rally
  • Work with certified experts in SAFe, Scrum, and Kanban
  • End-to-end support and competitive rates with a Lean-Agile approach
  • Access to free Agile training courses and classes
  • Increase business agility

Agile Tool Migrator for Rally

Migrate Agile Data to Rally Software with Ease.

Migrating your Agile data to Rally from another Agile tool or instance of Rally can be time consuming. That’s why we created the Rego Agile Tool Migrator. The Agile Tool Migrator seamlessly migrates your Agile data to Rally while maintaining the structure and attributes of work items, including attachments.

How We’ll Do It

  • One-hour remote assessment
  • Determine scope for objects, attributes, and lookups
  • Migration dry run
  • Migration to Production – Typically performed on weekends to avoid downtime

Value to You

  • Seamlessly migrate projects and workspaces to Rally, including user stories, defects, tags, resources, conversations, and attachments
  • Lessen or eliminate downtime during tool or data migration
  • Decrease stress on internal resources
  • Ensure structure and attributes of work items remain intact

Rally Quick-Start Package

Let Rego Jumpstart Your Rally Implementation.

Is your organization about to get agile with Broadcom’s Free Full-Function Starter Edition for Rally Software®? Rego’s Rally Quick-Start Setup package lets you hit the ground running.

Working with Rego’s certified Agile guides, you’ll start with three days of comprehensive training and knowledge transfer based on Agile and Rally best practices. We’ll set up your software environment on the first day, followed by two days of intensive training for power users and team members. Our Quick-Start Setup package includes the following:

  • Free Full-Function Starter Edition for Rally
  • Free 1/2 Day Training
  • Quick-Start Setup
  • Agile Coaching
  • Data Migration

Broadcom’s Starter Edition supports a team of up to 50 named users and covers most digital product initiatives.

Need a custom solution? Rego will design a package that works for your organization and budget.

Value to You

  • Free Starter Edition for Rally
  • Learn how to use new functionality with Rego’s certified Agile guides
  • Eliminate strain on internal resources
  • Ensure business agility and end-user adoption
  • Transfer Workspaces from other Agile tools
  • Discover best practices and strategies

Rally Free 1/2 Day Training

Learn Rally with Rego’s Certified Agile Guides.

Rally Software® Essential Training
You already know the basics about Agile, and now you’re ready to bring your knowledge to Rally. From tool navigation and basic configuration to power apps and team management, join Rego’s certified Agile guides to learn how you can configure and implement Agile processes in Rally.

Scaled Agile using Rally
Rally is built to be scalable and flexible, and Rego’s Scaled Agile in Rally class is designed to show you how to configure Rally to support a SAFe workflow, including project hierarchy to reflects ARTs and Solution Trains, portfolio hierarchy with Epic, Capability, and Feature, and releases to represent PIs.

Clarity to Rally Connector

Seamlessly Update Clarity Roadmaps with Rally Initiatives.

For many organizations, planning and execution processes exist independently. Business sponsors and executives define their needs without having real insight into the capacity of their developers. This is especially true when teams use multiple products and track capacity in increments unfamiliar to strategic leaders.

Rego’s Clarity to Rally innovation connects the Roadmap plans in Clarity to the developers and teams in Rally with our propriety RegoLink software, creating automated visibility throughout the development lifecycle. Because we leverage Clarity and Rally’s open APIs, the connector is upgrade proof and requires no maintenance or recurring fees of any kind.

Value to You:

  • Planning at the Roadmap level leverages the actual capacity of teams in Rally
  • Automated integration takes the approved and selected work items from the Clarity Roadmap and adds them to the product backlogs, eliminating double entry and the opportunity for errors
  • Clarity is populated from Rally status and updates, giving leadership an accurate picture of progress directly from the Roadmap

Rally Software Health Check

How Healthy is Your Rally Software Investment?

Are you searching for actionable insights to improve performance? Take advantage of our free Rally Software Health Check for current Rally clients.

Rally Software Health Assessments accelerate maturity and process development, leadership messaging, and adoption strategies. Each health assessment facilitates your Agile transformation and Rally capabilities with a Rally Assessment, high-level Agile Process Assessment, and Recommendations Report.

Value to You: 

  • Identify improvement areas
  • Work with certified Agile expert practitioners who are Rally experts
  • Get best-in-class Agile and Rally methodologies to fit your unique situation
  • Receive results and Roadmap review with leadership for quick-wins, medium-term, and long-term maturity opportunities

I don’t think I’ve ever been more impressed with consultants that I’ve worked with in over 30 years in IT!

Jennifer D., IT PMO

A huge thanks to you both for your help and guidance! In 40 years of working with other companies and consultants, this has been one of the most positive and constructive working arrangements I’ve had. Your demonstration, day in and day out, of your genuine interest in our success has been welcome and much appreciated. Thank you! It’s been a true pleasure working with you!

Paul S., Samaritan Health

Ramesh solved our problem this morning and it is a big relief. His knowledge and your stepping up reflects the expertise and professionalism we have experience with Rego over these many years.

R. Wolverton, State of Massachusetts

I can’t say enough about Rego. Everyone from our executives to our team members are aligned and having success in the tool because of them.

PMO Leader, Global Financial Organization

Rego has worked with 60% of Fortune 100 Companies and 70% of Fortune 20 Companies.

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