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Rego guides are Collaborative Work Management experts with real-world, industry experience as practitioners and consultants. Our expert practitioners take a collaborative approach to help your organization drive strategic agility.

Work OS by empowers businesses by eliminating the common obstacles to organizational success. And when you choose Rego, you’ll work with practitioners who drive more speed-to-value with our world-class consulting, implementations, integrations, and training.

Expertise Across the Enterprise
Rego has deep experience driving solutions across the enterprise for every kind of industry:

  • Marketing: Creative Services, Marketing Ops, MarTech, Project Management Office (PMO), and Communications
  • EPMO: Enterprise Deployments with Multiple Business Unit PMOs
  • IT: Mature IT PMOs

Affordable Consulting Solutions
Rego’s focus is to save you time and money by using our pre-built solutions and knowledgeable practitioners. Our services cost 20% to 40% less than competitors.

World-Class Integrations
Rego offers unmatched integration capability that drives affordable solutions and boosts productivity.

Professional Services

Rego helps your enterprise thrive with

Configuration and Adoption Assessment

How healthy is your investment?

Integrations and Automations

Integrations that drive cross-team productivity.

Change Management

Let Rego help you manage change.

FREE Digital Ecosystem Assessment

Drive Transformation with People, Process, and Tools.


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Enterprise agility begins with Work OS by

Screens that took more than 20-30 sec to show up now take very few sec (2-4 sec). This is awesome and dramatically impacts the user experience.

Ron R., Sandisk

Rego assists us with integrations, upgrades and other various items as needed. The quality of resources Rego has hired fits our needs and we will continue to use Rego as our PPM partner.

Joan K., PPM System Administrator - BayCare Health

Ramesh solved our problem this morning and it is a big relief. His knowledge and your stepping up reflects the expertise and professionalism we have experience with Rego over these many years.

R. Wolverton, State of Massachusetts

It is clear that the Rego team members are great friends—like family, makes me feel good to be around people who care about each other. Wish we could do events as well as this.

Melissa H., RegoUniversity Attendee

I just wanted to drop you both a quick note to thank you for the time and energy you put into completing the PPM Assessment for us. The information you provided us in the Executive Summary and other supporting documents achieved our goals. Thank you again for all of your work – it is very much appreciated.

Frank I., Ford

Resources we had assigned to us were very knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. We had numerous sessions which they attended to help us thru our upgrade activities across each of our environments culminating with our product deployment over the course of a Saturday. Any issues that were identified, were reviewed and resolved in a timely manner and communication was good throughout the process.

Alex H., Project Manager - Charter

A huge thanks to you both for your help and guidance! In 40 years of working with other companies and consultants, this has been one of the most positive and constructive working arrangements I’ve had. Your demonstration, day in and day out, of your genuine interest in our success has been welcome and much appreciated. Thank you! It’s been a true pleasure working with you!

Paul S., Samaritan Health

Built a whole portfolio management charter with Rego as part of the contract process.

Jared P., Large Financial Institution

I can’t say enough about Rego. Everyone from our executives to our team members are aligned and having success in the tool because of them.

PMO Leader, Global Financial Organization

Professional Services

Rego helps your enterprise thrive with

Whether it’s implementing as your enterprise-wide solution, boosting productivity with customized integrations, or training that’s tailored to the way your teams work, Rego’s consultants are experts at helping you achieve organizational success.

We offer end-to-end consulting services.

Our consultants will work with your teams to implement an all-inclusive solution built to your unique requirements. We’ll help to ensure efficient management and ease-of-use.

As specialists on integrations and external tools, Rego can help you simplify outdated management and reduce redundancies with automated processes.

Get instant returns on your investment with a knowledgeable post-launch support team. Rego’s named admins acknowledge your work requests within three business hours so you can focus on managing and delivering work.

Rego’s value-driven approach is why we guide 60% of Fortune 100 Companies. Our differentiator is thought-leadership. We leverage our knowledge to advise and guide you, rather than just gather requirements and develop.

Help your enterprise thrive on using Rego’s flexible, role-based training approach. Our expert consultants use custom, solution-based strategy to ensure your success from start to finish. We offer virtual and onsite courses to help when and where we are needed.

Ready to make a move to Rego’s consultants will help you connect with end-users, introduce quick wins, and ensure data integrity.

Configuration and Adoption Assessment

How healthy is your investment?

Is your organization struggling from over-customization or too much technical debt? Are you uncertain about how to effectively guide your enterprise on

Rego’s Configuration and Adoption Assessment can help. This low-cost assessment is performed remotely, without the need for frequent meetings or interactions. We quickly identify configuration issues that impede features or performance.

Quick – 10 Hours Basic – 40 Hours Full – 200 Hours

  • Instance Review
  • Two Core Team Interviews

  • Instance Review
  • 15-20 Stakeholder and User Interviews
  • One Week On-Site Best Practice Tool/Process Guidance

  • Instance Review
  • 30-50 Stakeholder and User Interviews
  • Three Weeks On-Site Best Practice Tool/Process Guidance
  • User-Based Survey

  • Recommendations PowerPoint

  • Recommendations PowerPoint
  • Short Term Roadmap (Six Months)

  • Recommendations PowerPoint
  • Detailed Long Term Roadmap (One – Two Years)
  • Capability Assessment
FREE $6,800 + Travel $34,000 + Travel

Integrations for

Integrations that drive cross-team productivity.

Rego has built hundreds of low-cost integrations and connectors designed to improve workplace productivity. Our experts will get you integrated safely and functioning quickly on an interconnected, end-to-end solution with our state-of-the-art integration framework.

Value to You:

  • Improve efficiency of entire solution
  • Eliminate or reduce administrative activities, including double entry
  • Ensure data consistency, availability, and visibility
  • Increase end-user adoption and productivity

Organizational Change Management

Let Rego help you manage change.

We specialize in developing and delivering world-class training programs, including Organizational Change Management, for end-users and administrators. Let our expert instructors guide you by developing a custom, solution-based training strategy, or pick and choose from our full suite of standard technical and functional courses.

Rego helps organizations meet business objectives through a proven process for aligning belief and behavior to transformational goals.

Value to you:

  • Obtain customized tools, resources, and best-in-class methodologies to fit your unique situation
  • Best practice guidance that facilitates business continuity and successful end-user adoption
  • Use a solution-based training approach that enables users and increases enterprise efficiency
  • Identify the impact of a change and focus on communication so that people are involved early–and often.
  • Receive the tools and foundation you need to scale efforts across the enterprise

Digital Ecosystem Assessment

Drive Transformation with People, Process, and Tools.

For many organizations, strategic decisions, technology tool purchases, and configurations made years ago may be outdated, burdensome, or lack alignment with new business models.

Rego understands that an interconnected ecosystem is essential to drive digital transformation and will assess your current technology stack to determine if optimization is required. Our proven assessment approach can help you create a thriving environment that aligns with your strategic goals.

Value to You:

  • Optimizes data flow between technologies
  • Removes process waste
  • Reduces data management and manual data entry
  • Improves reporting and access to key information
  • Eliminates confusion around systems of record
  • Strategic roadmap and a phased execution plan that aligns with tactical initiatives

For more information, please refer to our Now is the Time for a PPM Tool Health Assessment article.


Can your users easily enter their time across multiple boards and items? Can multiple users track effort on the same item?

If not, you are likely losing valuable time and energy attempting to discover insight into work efforts and tasks.

Using TiMonE, our time tracking widget, you can easily connect time-worked data to leverage reports and monitor work efforts in real-time. This widget allows you to take advantage of native functionality to access data following structure via Workspaces, Dashboards, Boards, and Items.

Value to You:

  • Acquire transparency and accountability
  • Manage teams more efficiently
  • Improve management of work and hidden tasks
  • Increase team member focus
  • Reduce work costs

For more information, watch our TiMonE widget demonstration.

Requires Standard or higher. Requires annual commitment. Pricing based off licensed user counts and not per user per month.

# of Users Pricing
1-25 $50/month
26-100 $75/month
101-300 $100/month
301-600 $200/month
601-1000 $350/month
1001+ $500/month

Rego has worked with 60% of Fortune 100 Companies and 70% of Fortune 20 Companies.

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