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Why Rego for Agile?

Rego’s certified Agile guides (SAFe, Scrum, Kanban) take an evolutionary approach to helping your teams adopt Agile tools and methodologies quickly and efficiently. Wherever you are on your Agile journey, our senior consultants will facilitate your Agile transformation by removing common obstacles to success.

How is Rego Different?

  • We are tool neutral.
    Together, we’ll find tools and solutions that fit your needs instead of pushing a particular tool. Learn more.
  • We recognize that Agile doesn’t exist in a vacuum.
    That’s why we have solutions designed to integrate with PMO and traditional PPM methods.
  • We save you time and money.
    Rego’s knowledgeable guides, pre-built solutions, and proven methodology lowers costs and lets you hit the ground running.

Project to Product Guidance

Simplify Your Agile Transformation.

LACE Enablement

Have you established your Enterprise Lean-Agile Center of Excellence

Strategy Workshop

Realize Your Goals and Objectives.

Agile Training and Coaching

Real-World Training Built for You.

Agile Solutions

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Agile Tool.

Metrics Help

Propel Success with Data-Driven Insights.

Agile Quick-Start Packages

Enable Enterprise Agility with Rego.

Executive Debriefs

Promote Your Long-Term Business Agility.

Maturity Assessments

Sustain Future Growth and Maturity.

Rego’s Clarity to Agile Connectors are Now Free.

Rego Consulting expert services - Agile

Strategy and Training Workshop

Build a foundation to transform your organization’s long-range goals and visions with fine-tuned Outcomes and Key Results.

Migration Services

Migrate your data across Agile tools with our expert services.


Expand performance with Rego’s integrations, and increase your control, custom attributes, and mapping.

Our Keys to Success


Our 200+ Expert Guides use their deep experience as practitioners and consultants to speak to the unique business needs of each client.


We leverage a robust library of pre-built materials, reports, architectural templates, and deployment artifacts to reduce the cost of engagement.


We focus on end-user engagement and change management to increase value perception and Rally Software adoption.


We create a partnership and embed internal staff in the project to improve supportability and ensure clients understand the future impact of decisions.


We leverage our knowledge of industry best practices to advise and guide our clients, rather than simply gather requirements and develop.

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Project to Product Guidance

Simplify Your Product Development Transformation.

Making a move from project development to product development can feel overwhelming, but Rego’s Project to Product Strategy and Guidance services are designed to make the transition easier.

Let Rego’s certified Agile experts support your organization’s business transformation from a project to product model. From development to finance to the project management office to leadership, our guides have the skills and experience to lead discussion across all aspects of your business.

Lean Agile Center of Excellence

Have you established your Enterprise Lean-Agile Center of Excellence

The Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) is a small team of people dedicated to implementing the SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Lean-Agile way of working for an Enterprise.

Creating and supporting a strong LACE is a key differentiator in companies who successfully launch, scale, and evolve their SAFe transformations. Without a LACE, organizations may fail to sustain their Agility progress, and fall back into their former culture and old practices.

Rego will help your organization establish a LACE and provide training for every role. This helps your organization:

  • Accelerate Time to Market
  • Align Enterprise Strategy to Tactical Delivery
  • Predictably Deliver Value
  • Lower Risk
  • Increase Collaboration
  • Better Align to Business Needs
  • Increase Visibility in the Solution Development Lifecycle
  • Increase Customer and Employee Experience
  • Dedicate More Time to Innovation
  • Promote a Culture of Continuous Learning and Improvement

Maturity Assessments

Sustain Future Growth and Maturity.

How do Agile organizations keep growing? One vital piece is by reviewing strengths and improvement areas. That’s why we offer Maturity Assessments that support future growth and maturity. Rego’s certified Agile experts will give your teams actionable insights based on your unique needs.

Kanban Assessment

We guide your staff through an evaluation based on David Anderson’s Kanban Maturity Model to get their perspective on the teams’ strengths and areas for advancement. Using day-to-day experiences, team members answer questions to establish the team’s maturity level.

After collecting data on the NimbleIQ Dashboard, we create a plan to address the gaps in process execution so teams can mature to the next level. We finalize the assessment with our observations and recommendations.

Why don’t you offer a Scrum Assessment?
It’s not uncommon for teams to use multiple Agile frameworks, resulting in various issues for your organization. Rego’s Kanban Assessment is designed to assess your organization’s consistency at the higher levels, no matter what methodology you use. 

SAFe Assessment

Companies sometimes adopt a scaled Agile framework because it’s popular or an organizational standard. Unfortunately, it might not be the right fit, especially if you’re struggling to define key objectives. Rego’s SAFe Maturity Assessment is an easy way to assess your Agile Release Train’s (ART) implementation of SAFe. We’ll help foster sustained growth in your SAFe deployment or evolve to a methodology that fits your needs and goals.

Strategy Workshop

Realize Your Goals and Objectives.

Rego’s Strategy Workshop is an efficient way to help your Agile organization achieve continued success. Using our enhanced business framework, our Agile experts start by learning your desired outcomes and key results. Based on your answers, we collaborate with your teams on a short-term solution and long-term vision. Finally, we demonstrate the new workflow by taking work through it – from Idea to Deployment – to ensure it’s just what you need.

Agile Training and Coaching

Real-World Training Built for You.

We take a fresh approach to training. Instead of a theory-based application of a canned methodology, Rego’s certified Agile consultants begin with a baseline process for Scrum/SAFe or Kaban in the Agile tool of your choice.

Rego tailors the three-day training sessions to your unique Agile method and solution. We roll up our sleeves, log into your application, and guide teams step-by-step through the selected Agile processes.  By the end of the training, attendees will understand how to take something from Idea to Deployment using their method and tool.

Rego’s skilled practitioners empower your teams by attending as many Agile Ceremonies as possible when the training sessions conclude. Whether it’s Stand-ups, Replenishment Meetings, Refinement Meetings, or Retrospectives, we are there to keep teams on track with the new Agile processes and principles.

Agile Solutions

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Agile Tool.

Rego is proud to be tool neutral. Our certified guides take a solution-based and collaborative approach to enabling Agile, including your Agile solution. Because we know how popular solutions work, you’ll receive informed guidance from experts with real-life experience across every industry. Together, we’ll find solutions that fit your unique requirements and help you thrive as an Agile organization.

Agile Tool Solutions:

Metrics Help

Propel Success with Data-Driven Insights.

The real measure of success is whether your customers are happy and that happiness largely depends upon how quickly you deliver new, high-quality functionality to your products. Getting the right metrics ensures that you’ve got the accurate data guiding your implementations and change efforts to the right goals and objectives.

Rego’s skilled consultants can help to quickly identify the right metrics to incorporate both short and long-term. Whether it’s Rego’s web-based dashboard, NimbleIQ, or a customized tool, we’ll enable fact-based decisions across the enterprise at a price you can afford.

Agile Quickstart Packages

Enable Enterprise Agility with Rego.

Is your organization beginning your Agile transformation but realizing it’s more complicated than it sounds? Do you have aspects of Development teams doing Scrum, SAFe, and Kanban but struggle to create a cohesive picture for management?

Rego’s Agile Quickstart Package cuts through the confusion to provide you with fresh enterprise-level Agile implementation. You’ll work with certified Agile consultants (Kanban, SAFe, Scrum) and receive a straightforward customer value stream from Idea to Delivery that aligns with a Product Funding model. After the deployment, we’ll work with your teams to customize the solution to align with your business needs.

Executive Debriefs

Promote Your Long-Term Business Agility

Almost every Agile transformation reaches a stage where the same obstacles resurface in team Retrospectives. And when these issues can’t be resolved by the Agile team alone, engagement from other parts of the organization is needed.

Rego’s Executive Debrief helps teams overcome these stumbling blocks by facilitating a narrative with senior management. Together, we’ll create a straightforward and comprehensive plan to support business agility now and beyond.

Ramesh solved our problem this morning and it is a big relief. His knowledge and your stepping up reflects the expertise and professionalism we have experience with Rego over these many years.

R. Wolverton, State of Massachusetts

A huge thanks to you both for your help and guidance! In 40 years of working with other companies and consultants, this has been one of the most positive and constructive working arrangements I’ve had. Your demonstration, day in and day out, of your genuine interest in our success has been welcome and much appreciated. Thank you! It’s been a true pleasure working with you!

Paul S., Samaritan Health

I don’t think I’ve ever been more impressed with consultants that I’ve worked with in over 30 years in IT!

Jennifer D., IT PMO

I can’t say enough about Rego. Everyone from our executives to our team members are aligned and having success in the tool because of them.

PMO Leader, Global Financial Organization

Rego has worked with 60% of Fortune 100 Companies and 70% of Fortune 20 Companies.

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