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Why Rego for Clarity SaaS?

Rego is the world’s number one reseller of Clarity (formerly Clarity PPM) and Rally Software®. We provide services to 70% of Clarity’s North American customer base–companies who rely on Rego to help them achieve a higher rate of return on their Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) tool. Clarity SaaS hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) leverages the most modern AWS cloud services to provide a secure, scalable and reliable platform for Clarity. As a select consulting partner with AWS, Rego is closely aligned with Amazon to modernize enterprise applications through the use of native AWS services with ongoing innovation.


Clarity SaaS on AWS is a subscription-based service, which means that users can avoid upfront costs associated with purchasing and maintaining their own hardware and infrastructure.


With Clarity SaaS on AWS, users can easily scale their usage up or down depending on their needs. This means that they can avoid overprovisioning and paying for resources that they are not using.


Rego’s Clarity AWS includes robust security measures, including data encryption and secure data centers. Perfect for organizations with strict security requirements.


With Clarity SaaS on AWS, users do not need to worry about software updates or maintenance. Leave this to Rego. Your IT staff can spend their time on other company initiatives.


Clarity SaaS on AWS can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, which can be particularly useful for organizations with remote or distributed teams.


Rego Consulting offers support and training services, which can be useful for organizations that do not have dedicated IT staff.

World-Class Customer Support for Clarity SaaS on AWS

Rego specializes in delivering world-class, responsive support for your Clarity SaaS transition and Amazon Web Services/Oracle hosting. Our support model ensures that you have experienced, knowledgeable practitioners addressing your requests and exceeding your expectations.

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Clarity SaaS on AWS Features

  • Cloud Infrastructure – Amazon Web Services (AWS) localized within defined regions from the #1 provider of enterprise cloud infrastructure.
  • Database Engine – Oracle RDS on AWS, #1 cloud database engine for performance, tuning, security and auto-scaling.
  • Upgrade Control – Clients select the optimal Clarity version and upgrade timing for each production and non-production environment independently.
  • Infrastructure Separation – Dedicated AWS accounts per client, with separate encryption keys, networks, firewalls, infrastructure and dedicated databases – no shared infrastructure or encryption with other clients.
  • Enterprise Scalability – Intelligent auto-scaling and auto-healing to seamlessly increase capacity as peak demand increases.
  • Continuous Backups – Continuous snapshots are taken at least hourly, 4 weeks of production backups are retained.
  • VPN Access to Database – Direct secured encrypted access to non-production Oracle databases for query development using Oracle native query development tools.
  • ODATA Connection – Query live Clarity data through a secure ODATA feed into external dashboards and visualizations. Data sources include both the Clarity Data Warehouse and Clarity transactional tables.

  • Performance Optimization – All long running queries and processes are monitored with proactive outreach to customers to suggest tuning and optimization.

  • Encryption – All data stored at rest and in transit is encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) with routine non-disruptive key rotation.

  • Integrations – Leverage our expansive library of technology integrations to integrate systems, automate data flows, and manage workflows.

  • Library of Solutions – Complimentary unrestricted access to the Rego Xchange library of hundreds of ready-to-use Clarity solutions including portlets, training materials, reports, technical tricks, and workflows.

  • Self Service – Automated processes to handle VPN Access, SFTP Access, Environment Refreshes, Email Enable/Disable and other helpful administrative functions.

  • Support & Consulting – Rego Experts provide support, consulting, engineering, security, compliance, licensing, terms and conditions. Clarity product issues are handled collaboratively between Broadcom and Rego.

Take Clarity to the Next Level

Rego has a core mission to deliver innovative Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions that allow our customers to gain measurable ROI. Our priority is to drive down the cost of implementation and support.

Rego’s focus on customer value saves you time and money with our full-solution capabilities, pre-built innovations, and senior onshore consultants. We can help you expand features and functions, improve user adoption and data quality, and re-energize your implementation.

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Years in Business

Since 13.2 upgrade a couple of years back, we have been actively engaging Rego team for any consultation / implementation service and also working closely related to future Clarity upgrades. We are receiving tremendous support from Rego on a need basis. Thanks for all your support and contributions thus far. We look forward to work with you in the future too. Thanks.

Sriram, Ford

In a few months’ time, Meisterplan has been leveraged to assist with our Portfolio and Resource Management here at Citrix.  The rapid up-take of the tool would not have occurred without Rego’s assistance in helping us customize the tool, understand our data gaps, and automate its features.   We look forward to utilizing the tool further with the help of Rego’s expertise.

Scott M., Portfolio and Project Analyst - Citrix

We are extremely pleased with our services from Rego Consulting, they assisted us with upgrades, trained us on numerous modules and reporting one being Jaspersoft. Rego is our go to for small or large initiatives on our PMO roadmap.

Tammi Reel-Davis, Montefiore

I just wanted to drop you both a quick note to thank you for the time and energy you put into completing the PPM Assessment for us. The information you provided us in the Executive Summary and other supporting documents achieved our goals. Thank you again for all of your work – it is very much appreciated.

Frank I., Ford

Rego has provided responsive, qualified Clarity PPM consulting help to us for a number of things both big and small over the last year. They’ve helped us do integrations of PPM with our other internal systems, provided system customization, performed data migration/data cleanup and helped us with a number of complex issues. They are reasonably priced and are experts in their field. I only wish we would have known about them sooner!

Mark S., Portfolio Project Manager

I can’t say enough about Rego. Everyone from our executives to our team members are aligned and having success in the tool because of them.

PMO Leader, Global Financial Organization

I wanted to reach out and thank you and the team for setting up the session for everyone. I know it is not an easy task going over so much content in a short amount of time. I look forward to future learning sessions and continuing my knowledge of the Clarity PPM tool.

Matt K., World Wide Technology, Inc.

Rego assists us with integrations, upgrades and other various items as needed. The quality of resources Rego has hired fits our needs and we will continue to use Rego as our PPM partner.

Joan K., PPM System Administrator - BayCare Health

Ramesh solved our problem this morning and it is a big relief. His knowledge and your stepping up reflects the expertise and professionalism we have experience with Rego over these many years.

R. Wolverton, State of Massachusetts

RegoUniversity is an outstanding conference in every way!

Loved the presentations, and especially the downloaded presentation docs – all done professionally and thoroughly with great content!

Matt M., Lead Technical Developer

Screens that took more than 20-30 sec to show up now take very few sec (2-4 sec). This is awesome and dramatically impacts the user experience.

Ron R., Sandisk

Resources we had assigned to us were very knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. We had numerous sessions which they attended to help us thru our upgrade activities across each of our environments culminating with our product deployment over the course of a Saturday. Any issues that were identified, were reviewed and resolved in a timely manner and communication was good throughout the process.

Alex H., Project Manager - Charter

There are no words for how I can thank you properly.  You have been an amazing partner through out our partnership.  I most humbly thank you and am truly blessed to have worked with the best people.

Cindy B., Restaurant Industry

RegoU is simply the most informative conference on all aspects of the Clarity solution. A must attend for everyone from the early adopting team to the most experienced users.

Jerry V., PMO Lead - Chubb

Just want to take a moment and recognize the awesome and extremely effective work you have done at BBH with this assessment.  Your decision to take it much broader than Clarity to look at their ecosystem was exactly what they needed. I found your findings insightful and informative, helping me as well understand factors to their stagnation on usage.

I think the presentation to management this morning could not have gone better, extremely professional and personable, articulating what is and could be. Super job.

Sonja F., Solutions Engineer

A huge thanks to you both for your help and guidance! In 40 years of working with other companies and consultants, this has been one of the most positive and constructive working arrangements I’ve had. Your demonstration, day in and day out, of your genuine interest in our success has been welcome and much appreciated. Thank you! It’s been a true pleasure working with you!

Paul S., Samaritan Health

Rego consultants have a great degree of knowledge and expertise with Clarity. They were able to quickly understand the nuances of our implementation and plan and execute the steps necessary to perform the upgrade with minimum disruption to users. While there may be a small team performing the work they are able to leverage the knowledge of the entire organization to solve problems along the way.

C. Creed, Principal Systems Analyst - Fortune 500 Company

I don’t think I’ve ever been more impressed with consultants that I’ve worked with in over 30 years in IT!

Jennifer D., IT PMO

I couldn’t have been happier with what was delivered with the assessment.  It will go a long way to helping us strategically drive things in the direction we want to go moving forward – simplification / reduction of complexity, better end user experience, and more OOTB / ad-hoc reporting.

Kristin R., Project Manager

I attended Rego University for the following:
1) Learn some best practices from other companies
2) Sharpen some technical skills that I rarely get a chance to use
3) Meet other industry contacts and exchange ideas/best practices.

I can check off all three items.

Greg H., Manager of Reporting and Analysis - Scottrade

Built a whole portfolio management charter with Rego as part of the contract process.

Jared P., Large Financial Institution

It is clear that the Rego team members are great friends—like family, makes me feel good to be around people who care about each other. Wish we could do events as well as this.

Melissa H., RegoUniversity Attendee

Impressed with the POV, they knew this space very well, allowed us to do ITSM and PPM at the same time (two partners).

Clint D., Fortune 500 Tech Company

This was my first year at RegoU after running Clarity for 18 months. Since I am the only person (with Rego’s outstanding help) running the PPM at my company, I needed both Functional and Technical classes. I was able to attend both and learned many things to take back to my organization.
The level of knowledge of all the presenters was very high, and even for subjects that I felt well-versed in, I learned new ways of thinking about how it could better fit my team, as well as new tips. Each class was useful and had people attending at every experience level from beginner to seasoned pro, and it was clearly of benefit to all levels.
I plan to attend RegoU every year if at all possible.
Truly a class act!

Leslie H., Portfolio Project Manager - Anixter

Rego Consulting has worked with 60% of Fortune 100 Companies.

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