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Action Item Responder

Finally: Respond to Clarity PPM Action Items Directly in Email

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Read. Respond. Repeat.
All without having to leave your email box.

Stakeholders, resource managers, project managers, and others can respond to actions simply and easily within their email—eliminating the extra login step while presenting all of the information needed to make the decision within the body of the email. And, they can attach notes to the email that are fed into Clarity PPM as well—making the process even more efficient. This new solution will work for ANY type of workflow needing a response.
That’s why solving this challenge has been a top priority for Rego, and why we have spent hundreds of hours researching for a simple way to respond directly within email to workflow action items. This research has led to an architecture that meets our high standards – simple, fast, and inexpensive.

Want more information? Watch our 12 minute overview here.

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Common uses for workflow action items include:

Timesheet Approval / Rejection

Approval of an Idea to become a project

Approval/Rejection of a change request

Approval/Rejection of a budget plan

Movement of a soft booking to a hard booking

Quick setup.
No Customization or Limitations.

The Action Item Email Responder is simple to set up and simple to use. It leverages 100% out-of-the-box capabilities – no customizations. It is supported on Clarity PPM On-Premise and Clarity PPM On Demand – in any version of Clarity PPM 13.x and above. It will support any mail client. And because users can respond directly from within their email, you can expect to see much faster response times for actions. The value for your users:

  • Increases adoption and perception of Clarity PPM
  • Reduces cycle time for responses.

Here’s what you get.

  • When you sign up for the service, you’ll receive the following:
    Unlimited use of the service—you can use this for every workflow process approval or response needed on any object. No volume or other restrictions.
  • In addition to this unlimited use, Rego will kick-start your usage by providing:
    Basic setup and knowledge transfer on how to write GEL that calls and uses the service
  • One custom-built workflow that uses the email responder service
Action Item Responder - Finally: Respond to Clarity PPM Action Items Directly in Email

Example Timesheet Submission

Action Item Responder - Finally: Respond to Clarity PPM Action Items Directly in Email

Example Budget Submission

Pricing Information

For information on a single purchase option vs. a subscription, contact your Rego representative.

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