CA PPM Clarity PPM Consulting Excel

RegoLink: Excel Data Manager for Clarity PPM

Actionable Insights to Boost Performance

Edit, validate, extract, and send large data sets to Clarity PPM with Microsoft Excel.

Stand alone and Enterprise Editions Available. The Enterprise edition includes the Integration Manager for enhanced auditing and administration capabilities.

Manage Data for 20+ Objects Out-of-the-Box

  • Applications

  • Assets

  • Change Requests

  • Companies

  • Ideas

  • Incidents

  • Issues

  • Locations

  • Allocations

  • Others

  • Products

  • Programs

  • Rate Matrix

  • Release Plans

  • Releases

  • Requirements

  • Project Teams

  • Benefit Plans
  • Resources

  • Risks

  • Roles

  • Services

  • Skills

  • Tasks

  • Users

  • Cost Plans
  • Tast ETC
CA PPM Clarity PPM Consulting Excel

Update Records in Bulk – with Full Lookup Support

CA PPM Clarity PPM Consulting excel


  • Works completely stand-alone, connects directly to Clarity PPM.

  • Works without the need to provision additional infrastructure.

  • Extract data from Clarity PPM and process it using Microsoft Excel. Edit, validate, and send the data to Clarity PPM.

  • Includes sample interfaces for often used objects and attributes. More than 800 out-of-the-box Clarity PPM attributes.
  • Audit engine to trace and keep track of all data requests and the related user information.
  • Ability to re-run a request immediately in case something went wrong with the previous attempt, without the need of rework.
  • Requests queue to avoid major performance impact on the target Clarity PPM environment.
  • Administration of different environments (e.g. Dev, Test, Prod) configuration.
  • Integration with Keycloak for an enhanced user and roles administration and access control.
  • Rollback functionality available for implementation.
  • Managed Excel Workbook versions and distribution.
  • Ability to backup the system configuration, easier portability of integrations, and Excel workbook version control.
  • Integration dashboard to monitor statistics of usage, execution history, last run per integration, and data requests queue.

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