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Software Asset Management

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Software Asset Management

With Software Asset Management, you can reduce IT costs while limiting the operational, financial, and legal risks related to the ownership and use of software through effective software entitlement tracking.

ServiceNow’s SAM provides a platform solution that enables organizations to effectively address many of the challenges facing IT departments by helping:

  • Maintain a level of compliance

  • Proactively support software audits

  • Control unauthorized usage and their resulting costs

We’ve worked with 40% of Fortune 100 companies and 60% of Fortune 20 companies, and we’d love to help you.

ServiceNow PPM Training and Consulting
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Since 13.2 upgrade a couple of years back, we have been actively engaging Rego team for any consultation / implementation service and also working closely related to Clarity upgrade to 14.4. We are receiving tremendous support from Rego on need basis. Thanks for all your support and contributions thus far. We look forward to work with you in the future too. Thanks.

AD Supervisor Ford May 19, 2016

ServiceNow PPM Training and Consulting

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ServiceNow PPM Training and Consulting