Meisterplan for ServiceNow

Scenarios for Powerful Project Portfolio Management.

The Meisterplan Integration for ServiceNow Scenarios

Use the Meisterplan ServiceNow Integration from RegoLink to simplify portfolio planning and scenario management. Meisterplan is a natural fit with ServiceNow, allowing portfolio managers to work alongside project managers and resource managers to develop realistic project roadmaps and resource forecasts.

  • Simplify what-if analysis

  • Design a reliable portfolio plan

  • Share key data with senior leadership

As portfolios evolve over time, the ability to adapt to change is key. With Meisterplan integrated right into ServiceNow, it’s easy to review and resolve allocation issues before they occur.

How is Rego Different?

When you come to Rego for help with Meisterplan—whether that’s for our world-class training, consulting, or integrations—you’ll benefit not only from our expertise but also from our close partnership with the creators of Meisterplan: itdesign—another co-founder of the PPM Global Alliance.

Rego Guides are Project and Portfolio Management experts who have worked on the ground in IT leadership as Meisterplan implementers and administrators for small companies, as well as for large enterprises with thousands of users in worldwide territories and different markets. As expert practitioners we can help simplify your end user experience.

With Meisterplan and ServiceNow, it’s easy to ask what-if questions and react quickly to changes. It’s simple to forecast and resolve allocation issues before they occur, so you can make sure your projects stay healthy.

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How Can Rego Help You?

Get the most from your investment and improve productivity by leveraging Rego’s extensive experience with Meisterplan solutions. We’ve helped organizations build everything from staffing to scenarios with detailed project simulations that you can shift, stretch, and shrink for serious resource management.

We provide end-to-end consulting services:

We can help you decide what’s right for your organization. Our team can assist in making Meisterplan a cornerstone in your ecosystem, one that’s aligned with your organization and strategies. We’ll help ensure efficient management and ease of use.
Interested in moving to Meisterplan? Or ready to upgrade your Meisterplan version? Our team will carry out your migration, ensure the integrity of your data, improve usability, and facilitate a smooth transition.
With best practices and a value-driven approach, Rego can provide advisory and technical consulting oriented to your organizational needs.
Rego can help you simplify your manual or outdated processes and approval workflows using Meisterplan. We are experts on integrations between Meisterplan and external systems.
Improve executive views and collaboration between portfolio managers, PMs, RM’s, and admins.
Our team provides dedicated training sessions for various types of organizational users, ensuring adoption and decreasing the challenge of using new technology.

Meisterplan, ServiceNow, and Rego

Trusted by hundreds of organizations in the Portfolio and Project Management space, including 40% of Fortune 100 companies and 60% of Fortune 20 companies, Rego knows how Meisterplan fits best in the ServiceNow space. Whether you’re looking at staffing or simulating resource and project scenarios, we’ve already customized solutions to meet the varying needs of different-sized organizations with different maturity levels.

Get instant returns on your investment with effective Meisterplan configurations and solution development.

Meisterplan - The World’s Top Companies Trust Meisterplan for Project Portfolio Scenarios

Link Meisterplan with ServiceNow for influential scenario management.

Meisterplan and ServiceNow

Rego has worked with 60% of Fortune 100 Companies and 70% of Fortune 20 Companies.

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