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Application Portfolio Management (APM)

Make Smart, Simple Decisions.

ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management

ServiceNow’s APM is a single-source tool that provides end users with a comprehensive view of an organization’s software applications and services while providing the metrics needed to determine the business benefits of each application.

APM is designed to reduce complexity and simplify management, providing you with:

  • Accurate data for application rationalization
  • Reduced risk and cost through elimination of duplicate or outdated applications
  • Improved business alignment
  • Integration with multiple applications within the ServiceNow platform

You need to have the right information, at the right time, for the right people

APM helps ensure strategic business alignment by providing the key members of your organization with the visibility they need to make smart business decisions:

  • Chief Information Officer - needs a holistic view of the current application space, including the IT roadmap to manage financial investments.
  • IT Director - wants a single, accurate view of applications driving benefits versus those leaching dollars.
  • Application Developer - needs to manage the application lifecycle without draining resources.
  • Enterprise Architect - wants to maintain business capability standards and quickly identify redundant applications


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Decisions just got easier

We’ll help you through the guided set-up wizard to pull all the pieces together

  • Create a Comprehensive View of the APM Landscape
  • Create Goals
  • Create Programs
  • Plan Your APM Roadmap

Design the tool around your application management goals

ServiceNow PPM Training and Consulting

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ServiceNow PPM Training and Consulting

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Application Portfolio Management is a part of the ServiceNow IT Business Management Suite alongside Project and Portfolio Management and IT Financial Management so you can enjoy a seamless transition between demand, projects, and assignments.

ServiceNow PPM Training and Consulting

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