Broadcom recently awarded Rego Consulting Tier 1 Partner status for Clarity PPM and Rally Agile Software®. We are thrilled to be recognized as a leader in business innovation and for our expertise delivering Clarity and Agile services.

This Tier 1 recognition is based on Rego’s deep bench of experienced practitioners, coupled with thought-leadership across multiple industries. We’ve trained more than 400,000 people and led more than 600 organizations through PPM, including 40% of Fortune 100 Companies and 60% of Fortune 20 companies.

Rego’s momentum is fueled by Broadcom’s investment in Clarity PPM and Rally Software®. Their state-of-the-art technologies empower our customers with modern experiences and meaningful insights.

This year, Gartner ranked Clarity PPM as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Project and Portfolio Management, demonstrating Broadcom’s vision and ability to drive Agile results.

Gartner, who has helped define the Project and Portfolio Management space, offers some key predictions for the future of PPM.

The Future of PPM

[source: Gartner –]

These predictions offer a compelling case for investing in Clarity PPM and Rally Software® as platforms that accelerate product-delivery and future-proof an organization’s technology investments.


Rego Consulting Innovates and Delivers on Business Agility

Rego is committed to delivering traditional project management, Agile, and hybrid approaches.

“Rego has a core mission to deliver innovative PPM solutions that allow our customers to gain measurable ROI by driving down the cost of implementation and support.”

Dan Greer, CEO of Rego Consulting

Exciting Rego Innovations for Clarity PPM and Rally Software®

Here at Rego, we know that no PPM or Agile solution stands alone, and we’ve invested development dollars in creating connectors for Clarity PPM and Rally Software®. This includes the Clarity PPM-Rally Software® Migrator, the Meisterplan Integration, and a new Microsoft connector among others. Read more about them here.

More About Our Integrations

You can read about the 50+ options we provide for Clarity PPM base-kit implementations, as well as continued education and ongoing support, on our website.

Learn with Us

We’ll help you gain measurable ROI from your investment in Clarity PPM and Rally Software® while driving down the cost of implementation, development, and support.

Join us this fall at RegoUniversity in San Diego, from September 29 – October 2. RegoU is the world’s largest learning and networking event for Clarity PPM and Rally Software®. Come in a little early and catch the world-famous Miramar Air Show (September 28 – 30). RegoU is sponsored by Broadcom, the parent company of CA Technologies and Rally Software®.

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