Blueprint Migrator

If you utilize Clarity’s Blueprints, you are aware of the benefits of using this capability. The ability to configure layouts based on different business needs saves time and allows for greater consistency across different business units. Many organizations spend significant time designing pages, configuring module layouts, and defining channels across multiple Blueprints. This functionality lets them take advantage of the new Clarity experience while still presenting key custom fields and familiar attribute groupings.

But admins face a problem when it comes to migrating Blueprints between Clarity environments. With no Blueprint XOG available, admins are forced to either recreate the work in each applicable environment or iterate the design directly in production. However, this approach makes testing and collecting user feedback a challenge.

The great news is that Rego has developed a Blueprint Migrator for Clarity PPM, which resolves this issue. Rego’s new solution allows admins to move Clarity Blueprint configurations between instances safely, efficiently, and easily.

The Blueprint migration process is straightforward.

Blueprint Migrator

With Rego’s Blueprint migration process, Clarity users will see these benefits:

  • A low cost, high-value solution. This solution is reasonably priced compared to the hours being spent with current approaches.
  • Maintain the integrity of the production environment. There is no longer a need to configure in the production environment, allowing for a much safer process to migrate information.
  • Save time. With the Rego migration tool, Blueprints are created once and do not have to be recreated in each environment.
  • Streamlined testing and user feedback. The ability to get user input is simplified by not being done out of the production environment.

The Rego Blueprint Migrator is available today. To access this solution, simply sign up for a RegoXchange theWorX subscription or contact your Rego account manager.

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