In case you have not received formal notice, we wanted to alert you to Broadcom’s plans to migrate all Clarity PPM SaaS clients to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with a Postgres database backend. Broadcom has been working on this migration for almost a year to ensure it has minimal impact to customers.

We’d like to invite you to contact us to setup a planning meeting to ensure you are ready for the migration.

Schedule a Meeting with Rego

Rego is hosting a live webinar with the Clarity product team to answer your questions on Friday November 22nd @ 1PM EST. The webinar will be available for on demand viewing following the event.

Webinar: Clarity PPM SaaS Transition

Clarity PPM SaaS Migration—Key Points

  • Broadcom will contact you directly to schedule your migration. They’ll provide a “high touch” service and handle all code changes.
  • US-based migrations will take place between January and July of 2020. Other regions have slightly different timelines.
  • All Clarity data and configurations will be migrated, including the remediation of custom SQL to Postgres in lookups, queries, GEL, and reports.
  • You’ll need to remediate impact to the non-Clarity side of your integrations, as the URLs, SFTP locations, and database will change.
  • Broadcom will assign you with a single point of contact to ensure a smooth transition.

Rego is Ready to Support Your Clarity PPM SaaS Migration

Clarity PPM SaaS

With an aggressive schedule, Rego wants to ensure all customers are prepared for the upcoming migration. Customers can start immediately by taking the following actions:

  • Upgrading to the 15.7.1 or upcoming December release of Clarity
  • Understanding the potential impacts by documenting all items that will be impacted by the URL/hosting change as well as the database change
  • Reducing the impact by removing those configurations that are no longer being used

Rego can assist with these critical preparation efforts to ensure you are ready for a smooth transition. We understand this migration must be carefully planned. We would like to setup a meeting with you at your earliest convenience to answer any questions you may have.

Schedule a Meeting with Rego

During the migration in 2020, Rego can also provide services to handle project management, testing, training, remediation, and general best practice guidance.

We’re ready to help you build a strategy for slotting this migration into your Clarity release roadmap, and we can send you helpful content such as a detailed FAQ and a high level Powerpoint that describe the impacts of the change.

Let Rego Be Your Guide

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