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CA PPM (Clarity)

Integrate, Configure, & Add On

Drive PPM Productivity

Connect vital systems while you improve the value and reliability of CA PPM (Clarity). Rego’s pre-built solutions are built on core best practices we’ve refined for over a decade to facilitate adoption, business transformation, and performance on a single system of record.

Improve value, increase efficiency, and bring greater reliability.

  • Choose from over 50 integrations for HR, Agile, ERP/Financial Systems, Vendors Management, Time Management, Schedulers, Data Migrations, and Portfolios
  • Get moving with Base Kits: the fastest, most cost-effective way to implement the widest array of Project and Portfolio Management solutions
  • Move to an Agile or Hybrid Project Management workspace
  • Deploy Business Intelligence (BI) and Resource Management Office (RMO) solutions