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Move from Project to Program with Rego’s SAFe-Certified Expert Guides

Rego’s 200 expert guides are Project and Portfolio Management experts who understand how to implement Agile solutions in Rally Software®, wherever you are on the roadmap between Waterfall, a hybrid approach, and a fully Agile solution. We’ll help you avoid the cost of delay.

Demo, Buy Software, Train, Implement, Integrate

Rego supports end-to-end Rally Software® implementations and offers Agile Coaching, Agile Transformation, Agile Program Management, and Agile Workshops. Our 600+ referenceable customers include 40% of Fortune 100 and 60% of Fortune 20 companies.

How is Rego Different?

Rego Guides are SAFe certified experts with years of leadership experience supervising large scale Agile transformations. As the go-to partner for Rally Software® services and licensing, Rego’s deep understanding of the technology ecosystem, multiple toolsets, and technology processes allow us to serve as your Rally Software® advisor and technologist. We can help your organization mature from a set of disconnected tools and processes to an organization with deep insights into your programs.

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Beyond the Agile Team layer, things get tricky in Jira, but Rally Software® supports Scaled Agile capabilities. Rego also offers pre-built Jira connectors to tools like Clarity PPM.

Data Migration Services

Migrate your data from other Agile tools (such as Jira) to Rally Software® with our expert services.

Out-of-the-Box Clarity PPM—Rally® Integration

Improve the efficiency, reliability, and value of the Out-of-the-Box Clarity to Rally Software® connector.

Rego’s Clarity PPM—Rally® Integration

Expand Performance with Rego’s Clarity PPM Integration, and increase your control, custom attributes, and mapping.

Our Keys to Success


We leverage our knowledge in industry best practices to advise and guide our clients vs. simply gather requirements and develop.


We hire practitioners who have experience vs. just telling others how it should work “in theory.”


We leverage our past experiences and artifacts to reduce the cost and duration of client engagements. We created a robust library of pre-built materials, reports, templates, architecture documents, and deployment artifacts.


We focus on end user engagement and change management during deployments to increase the value perception and adoption of end users.


We partner with our clients and embed internal staff in the project to improve the supportability and ensure clients understand the future impact of decisions.

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Since 13.2 upgrade a couple of years back, we have been actively engaging Rego team for any consultation / implementation service and also working closely related to Clarity upgrade to 14.4. We are receiving tremendous support from Rego on need basis. Thanks for all your support and contributions thus far. We look forward to work with you in the future too. Thanks.

AD Supervisor Ford May 19, 2016

We've worked with 40% of Fortune 100 companies and 60% of Fortune 20 companies, and we’d love to help you.

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