Send your stakeholders the relevant information they want from Apptio using tailored email templates

Apptio is unmatched for providing actionable insights for technology investment. These insights can be transformational for organizations. But are your stakeholders taking advantage of those insights?

Apptio Projects offer an amazing number of reports, but your users might only want to see one or two of them. Sometimes the amount of content Apptio offers can be overwhelming for users, especially those new to Apptio.

Likewise, if you have users who only occasionally look at Apptio reports, they may have a hard time navigating in the tool.

Or it may be that some of your stakeholders are resistant to logging into “one more system.” They may only be comfortable with software or spreadsheets they already know how to use.

Whatever the case, if your Apptio user adoption is not where you’d like it to be, Rego’s new Apptio plug-in, RegoEngage, is designed to help.

What is RegoEngage?

RegoEngage is an Apptio plug-in that sends tailored emails directly to your Apptio users with the relevant reporting dashboards they want to see.

The plug-in was designed to get the most helpful information directly to your Apptio users in a compact, customizable, and consumable format, all while using the rich reporting output you worked so hard to build.

RegoEngage was developed by Rego’s expert TBM guides to help organizations increase their Apptio user adoption by reaching users where they are at.

How does RegoEngage Help Increase Apptio User Adoption?

With RegoEngage, you can send custom Apptio reporting dashboards to your users’ inboxes based on their persona or role. These emails are designed to showcase the Apptio data that will provide them with actionable insights and help them make better decisions, faster. These emails also link users back to Apptio so they can familiarize themselves with the reports that will help them the most.

Are Stakeholders Logging In?

These tailored emails can be sent automatically on a regularly scheduled basis, or you can send them in a one-off instance.

Save Time and Take Advantage of the Data You Already Have

The RegoEngage Apptio plug-in helps you get additional value from Apptio and all the hard work you have already done. You can create concise and targeted custom reporting dashboards by consolidating data from multiple reports in one place – all without the need to create additional reports, content, or configurations. These custom reporting dashboards are also easily branded and customized for your organization, and then sent via email to your stakeholders.

Are Stakeholders Logging In?

The plug-in also saves time by eliminating the need to manually export content and build spreadsheet reports for the people in your organization. Because the emails can be scheduled to automatically send on a recurring basis, it’s a set it and forget it way to drive user adoption.

Are Stakeholders Logging In?

Getting Started with the RegoEngage Apptio Plug-in

The RegoEngage Apptio plugin comes with a selection of pre-built custom reporting templates that you can choose from. These dashboards have been created based on real-life use cases and are easy-to-use.

Apptio - Are Your Stakeholders Viewing the Right Reports?

In addition, Rego’s expert Apptio guides are prepared to help you put together custom reporting dashboards based on your Apptio users’ specific needs. The reporting dashboards are fully customizable and can be created based on persona, role, or any other criteria you can think of.

Implementation usually only takes a few weeks of involvement from Rego and your organization. Training for RegoEngage is also available for members of your team interested in creating custom Apptio reporting dashboards and scheduling emails.

Drive your Apptio User Adoption

If you’re looking to increase your Apptio user adoption, the RegoEngage Apptio plug-in can help. Users who receive regular, tailored emails with the data they need are equipped to make better decisions faster, and are more likely to familiarize themselves with Apptio.

If you are interested in learning more, schedule a demo with one of our expert Apptio guides.

Let Rego Be Your Guide

Our Apptio consultants are senior-level Apptio users, experienced TBM strategists, PPM (Project Portfolio Management) experts, and implementation specialists. One thing that sets us apart from other consulting organizations is that we do not have designated entry- or junior-level associates. Every TBM consultant has over five years of experience working with Apptio and Fortune 20 and Fortune 100 companies.

We can help with technical configuration as well as implementation, adoption, and roadmap challenges. With our proven Agile approach, we deliver results you can see – fast – while reducing time-to-value. 

Rego offers webinars, half-day training classes, and white papers. For more information, see Managed Support for Apptio. 

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