Clarity 16.0 released on November 8, 2021, introduces new features requested by customers along with enhancements.

If you’d like to learn more about the newest version, contact your account representative and watch our demo covering the Clarity 16.0 release.

Ready to upgrade to Clarity 16.0? Review the new features and considerable list of enhancements.

Clarity 16.0 improvements include,

A few new features were inspired directly by Clarity customers. One of the most popular upgrades includes the ability to share Roadmaps as PDFs, which means you can share them with anyone inside or outside of your organization without requiring them to log in to view them. Another requested upgrade is the ability to pull in and visualize milestones and events on the roadmap from Project and Investments.

Clarity 16.0 New Features

Clarity 16.0 introduces three new features, including the ability to allocate resources to Investments, Business Agreements, and Configurable Widgets. These new PPM features are only available with the latest version. As with many new features, Clarity created these new functions based on customer feedback and industry-leading trends.

Allocate Resources to Investments

This is a new handy feature that allows you to allocate resources using the Staffing module. It is a nice convenience feature that allows you to more easily manage resources.

Screenshot showing how resources can be added in Clarity from the Staffing Workspace.

Business Agreements

Clarity is the only product in its market to provide the ability to communicate the relationship between investments using Business Agreements. Agreements lessen the problems associated with losing information discussed in meetings or by email. This new feature is a pretty hefty upgrade, and it is only available in the latest version.

Using Clarity 16.0, you can now add configurable Business Agreements that include conversations, owners, status, and more.

Configurable Widgets

Clarity PPM now includes four Configurable Widgets: number tile, pie, bar, and progressive ring. These widgets are available in To-Do’s, Hierarchies, and Custom Objects. You can save widgets in My Widgets or the shared Widget Library.

Users can create new widgets or access widgets from the Widget Library.

Clarity 16.0 Enhancements

The newest version of Clarity includes a long list of enhancements, some of which are minor improvements, whereas others are complex feature improvements. We’ll briefly cover each one. Contact your account representative or watch the demo to learn more.


Clarity made quite a few accessibility improvements to help companies meet WCAG compliance accessibility standards and to support team members. Changes include improvements in visual design, keyboard inputs, responsive design, and screen readers. Upgrades are compatible with Windows, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and JAWS.


APIs are continually being evolved. Clarity 16.0 introduces the User API. This API can be used by administrators to help manage users. Other enhancements include the ability to see Contract Numbers in the Broadcom SaaS environment, lookup object types available for object attributes, clear MVL fields with XOG, and create API attribute ID for custom virtual attributes.

Business Rules

Clarity 16.0 added four main business rules enhancements. Enhancements include disabling editing of attributes and hiding actions by using business rules. The number of active rules is increased to 25, and business rules are available for pages.

Clarity-Rally Integrations

If you also use Rally, you’ll appreciate this new addition. You can now access Clarity Timesheets from Rally in SSO and non-SSO authentication environments. This makes it simple for team members to add tasks and time and submit timesheets.

Custom Investments

This upgrade allows you to flag custom investments as a template. If you select an investment template, origination template fields will automatically fill to help save you time and effort. Additionally, enforcing the use of templates helps maintain consistency.

Using Clarity, you can create new templates from Custom Investments.

DataWarehouse and BI

You’ll notice a few updates in this area. New data now syncs with the DataWarehouse, and create dates are now included. It also now supports API keys to access Odata.


Clarity added two new hierarchies features and enhanced two. A new feature is that the Type attribute is now assessable from the Risks, Issues, and Changes modules. To improve the user experience, a few click functions, a bulk edit tool, and import features have been added. A read-only investment Timeline layout is also now available.


You can now export Roadmap Timelines as a PDF to easily share with stakeholders. This feature is one of the most favored new additions. Other Roadmaps improvements include viewing Business Agreements, managing Item Events, and synchronizing Items with Linked Investments on the Roadmap Timeline.

You can now export Roadmaps as a PDF file using Clarity PPM.

Task Management

A few helpful features have been added to support task management. You can now edit dependencies, review baselines, and expand/collapse Investments from the Timeline View. It also supports the ability to assign multiple resources to tasks simultaneously, and you can easily filter tasks assigned to yourself.


Two minor upgrades designed to improve the user experience are available in Timesheets. The latest version is easier for employees to add and select tasks in the Timesheets module.

Employees can now more easily manage tasks in the Clarity Timesheets module.

Clarity General Enhancements

A handful of general enhancements help make Clarity simpler to use. The general improvements include,

  • Boards and picklists: Board layout is now available with the ability to customize using a picklist
  • Remove job: You can now add a “job” to remove a job log
  • Autosave: When navigating away from a view, a save confirmation message will no longer appear
  • Cross Object Grid: You now drag and drop columns when using the Group By tool
  • Usability: A new left-hand navigation menu and right-click features
  • Smart Options: Smart Filters, Smart Actions, Smart Dates, and Smart Periods
  • Forecast/Forecast Variance: Forecast, Forecast Cutoff, and Forecast are accessible from the Cost Plan Details and Budget Details pages
  • Investment naming: You can now associate labels with Idea Name, Project ID, and Idea ID, and Project Name
Two new columns have been added to the Financial module in Clarity including Forecast and Forecast Variance.

While we are not going to list every integration or integration improvement, one to take notice of is the enhanced integration between Clarity 16.0 and Rally. The integrations between Clarity PPM and Rally include more than just simple data exchanges. If you also use Rally, you may benefit from reaching out to your representative to learn how these two SaaS products integrate.

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Rego also offers free configuration and adoption assessmentswebinars, and half-day training classes for Clarity and Rally Software® on Roadmaps, Portfolio Management, Power BI, Scaled Agile, Jaspersoft.

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