Clarity PPM 15.6.1

This week, CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, released Clarity PPM 15.6.1, and we’re here to break it down for you. The new update features improvements to Staffing, Tasks, Project Status Report enhancements, a fix for Roadmaps, and more. Read on to learn about 15.6.1.

Clarity PPM 15.6.1 is finally here! Discover the potential of new features and eliminate pain points. Please note this information comes from the release notes.  See CA’s own documentation for further information.

Watch our demo of the new release here: 15.6.1. Webinar.

Overall, Clarity 15.6.1 seems to take a big step forward in the usability of the Modern UX.

Clarity PPM 15.6.1 Highlights

  • Improvements to Staffing
  • New Flyout and Grid Enhancements
  • Edit Screen for Ideas
  • Task Board improvements
  • Enhancements to Project Status Reports
  • Editable Assignment View in Project for ETCs
  • Fix for Roadmap Custom Attribute at Investment Level
  • Project Editable List Grid

Improved Staffing

Resource Staffing has also been redefined with a new Project Assignments page and updates to the Project Staff page. You can work in the Modern UX on OBS attributes in the Project, Staff, and Idea grids, as well as add your OBS columns to the grid and perform inline edits. Make changes to Projects smoothly with the option to associate, update, and dissociate a project from OBS units.

Project Management Gets TLC

Project Managers can manage task assignments and view ETCs for the team right inside of the project in Clarity PPM 15.6.1. This release covers your essential Project Management needs with the new Project Grid Page Companion. It offers saved views, group by, filters, and a configurable details panel, so you can get the data visibility you need, when you need it—easily. Now, you can add your own fields into each row in a grid.

Project Tiles display an overview of projects that require frequent tracking. The Project Management – Tiles Navigate access right allows you to view the Project Tiles page in the Modern UX. Only the Project Tiles that a user has been given access to will appear.

The Projects view offers a list of projects in a standard grid layout. With the Project Management – Navigate access right, users can view the Projects page in the Modern UX. Only projects that a user has access to are displayed in a grid.

Tasks get a reboot as well, with Task List, Grid, and Board Module enhancements, including Task Links. Create external links for tasks from the Project Tasks page, and enjoy automatic task copying in project templates from the Classic UI where relevant.

Better Reporting with Jaspersoft 7.1

In the new release, you’ll get Jaspersoft improvements that give you the ingredients to create advanced reports. Visualize.js enables you to use low- or no-code components to design your reports without relying on Jaspersoft Studio. The native app has been enhanced to support hyperlinked reports.

Keep your data secure with fixes for known cybersecurity vulnerabilities when you make the jump. Jaspersoft 7.1 comes automatically installed in the new release, and the CA JDBC adapter allows you to run queries from Jaspersoft Studio Professional without relying on a VPN connection.

Greater Team Collaboration

When you upgrade to Clarity PPM 15.6.1, you’ll boost collaboration with the Configurable Email Notification Template. Now, you can add your own logo or banner, customize text, and set fonts.

Wish you could synchronize matching custom attributes? The solution has arrived. With the 15.6.1 release, you can sync custom attributes between Roadmap Items and Custom Investments.

Clarity PPM 15.6.1 Tasks
Clarity 15.6.1 Roadmap

Data Warehouse Additions

Clarity PPM 15.6.1 takes the Data Warehouse to a new level, and includes REST API keys and the option to export to CSV in the Modern UX.

See performance improvements and support for TSVs, full OBS paths, notifications, and background jobs with auto-purge when you need to do large exports for grids that are greater than 500 rows. In this version of the Modern UX, you can export CSV files up to an incredible 250,000 rows—a dramatic increase from the 25,000 rows available in Classic Clarity.

The Financially Active stock system attribute for resources has been added to the Data Warehouse now, so you can update the current value to all resources.


That’s a high-level overview of the options available to you when you move to Clarity PPM 15.6.1. You can find more information on the release from CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company right here. As a trusted CA Partner and a member of the PPM Global Alliance, Rego would be happy to answer your questions or help you with an upgrade. 

Please note this information comes from the release notes.  See CA’s own documentation for further information.

Watch our demo of the new release here: 15.6.1. Webinar.

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