This year, Rego University is back in-person, September 11-14, 2022, in Nashville, Tennessee. As a premiere Agile and PPM training event, Rego University is a great place to learn best practices, connect with your industry peers, get hands-on training, and engage in roundtable discussions. Not to mention, it is a lot of fun, too.

If you want to grow your understanding of Agile methodologies, RegoU has you covered. This year, our team of certified Agile guides (SAFe, Scrum, Kanban) are offering training classes to help you better understand Agile principles and how you can apply them to your organization. Best of all, they know that Agile doesn’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why Rego’s Agile guides use an approach of integrating with PMO and traditional PPM methods.

Below we’ve rounded up the top seven Rego University classes to help you understand and apply Agile Methodologies.

Agile Methodologies and How to Apply Them to Your Organization:

1 – Moving from Projects to Products in the Digital World

Making the shift from project-based to product-based management models isn’t as simple as changing titles. This session focuses on practical considerations to take into account when making this shift in your organization.

Presenters: Brian Nathanson, Matthew Palicki

2 – Lean Portfolio Management

Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is one of the seven SAFe components of the Lean Enterprise. LPM helps organizations solve numerous challenges by decreasing the delivery of time to value, enabling the organization to pivot quickly in ever-shifting markets, and more.

Presenters: Tad Beaty, Terry Hensley

3 – How to Organize an Agile Enterprise

Do you have full visibility into your Agile execution? Can you benefit from Enterprise Agile Management? Learn how to gain transparency into the entire SDLC in order to take advantage of your Agile Transformation. This session will cover processes to put in place, as well as walkthrough Enterprise Agility within the Broadcom ValueOps platform.

Presenters:  Rusty Lloyd, Matthew Palicki

4 – What is SAFe?

Join us for a discussion of SAFe, the leading framework for Scaling Agile, and how your organization can leverage its principled approach to thrive and not just survive in the rapidly shifting markets of the Digital Age.

Presenters: Tad Beaty, Terry Hensley

5 – Agile Roundtable Session

A panel of Agile coaches are available to answer pre-defined questions as well as your questions from the audience.

Presenters: Rob Greca, Jeff Barschaw, Tad Beaty, Terry Hensley

6 – Doing Agile vs being Agile

Want to be a “model of success” at your organization’s Agile transformation?  Come learn about the mindset and skills necessary for maximizing the value of Agile processes!

Presenters: Terry Hensley

7 – Epics, Features, and Stories vs Requirements

Agile changes the way we think about writing deliverable requirements. In this workshop, we will discuss the difference between Waterfall requirements and Agile artifacts.

Presenters: Jeff Barschaw

Bonus: Agile Training Classes with a Tooling Focus

In addition to classes focused on learning and applying Agile methodologies, Rego University also has sessions to help you discover and implement Agile tools in your organization. The classes include:

1 – Clarity – Agile Integration | Bi-Modal IT

Are you struggling with implementing Agile tools in your organization in addition to Clarity? This class will review best practices for implementing Agile tools in conjunction with Clarity – living in a Bi-Modal world. We will discuss how Clarity can be used to govern both types of work and teams and how Agile tools should interface into Clarity.

Presenters: Rob Greca, Alyson Poston

2 – Connecting Rally to Jira

It is quite common for Rally and Jira to coexist. However, connecting them effectively enhances the value stream for development teams and product owners. Learn what is available to make this happen along with some typical design patterns.

Presenters: Rob Greca, Alyson Poston

3 – Rally Software – Introduction and Feature Review

If you have not seen Rally recently, now is your chance to see the latest and greatest.  Learn about how the latest features in Rally can help your organization on its Agile journey.

Presenters: Rusty Lloyd

For more information on courses offered, check out the full class list. We hope you’ll join us at Rego University this September 11-14, 2022 to sharpen your Agile skills, connect with peers, and make new discoveries. Registration is open now.

Rego also offers free configuration and adoption assessmentswebinars, and half-day training classes for Clarity and Rally Software® on Roadmaps, Portfolio Management, Power BI, Scaled Agile, and Jaspersoft.

For a full list of Clarity PPM services, visit

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