3 April, 2023 – CENTERVILLE, UTAH—Rego Consulting has acquired SimpleSharepoint, a Microsoft Certified partner specializing in SharePoint consulting.

According to Microsoft, as of 2020, over 200 million users utilize SharePoint as a collaboration platform, including most of our current clients, making this an ideal acquisition to help us gain market share and position ourselves to provide superior Microsoft support.

“We are excited about this acquisition. When researching our options, we ultimately chose SimpleSharepoint not just for their superior service offerings but because we found them to be most aligned with our company culture, which we greatly value here at Rego. These cultural values include a commitment to high-quality work, integrity, and continuous innovations.”
– Dan Greer, President, Rego Consulting

SimpleSharepoint is a Microsoft Gold Partner headquartered in Randolph, Vermont, providing SharePoint consulting services since 2003. Its services include SharePoint application modernization, integration and application development, reporting and dashboards, migration, managed services, health checks, and branding. Its clients include education, healthcare, government, transportation, and financial services.

The organization specializes in SharePoint support and has ranked in the top 25 percent of all Microsoft Partners in the United States in overall Customer Satisfaction and the “Partner Excellence Program.”  Its tagline is “SharePoint Made Simple.”

Here at Rego, we put a lot of energy into creating value-driven innovations, and SimpleSharepoint also creates useful apps and integrations to help make SharePoint improve automated processes and increase the value of Microsoft 365. It received recognition from Microsoft for its SharePoint app Mega Menus (megamenus), which allows clients to create navigable menus featuring columns, links, captions, and images using SharePoint’s native navigation components. This acquisition will enable us to extend access to these innovations as well as to develop new ones for our clients and partners.

Rego has offered Microsoft support since 2009, and many of our expert guides are experienced Microsoft practitioners, but with the acquisition of SimpleSharepoint, we endeavor to expand our support offerings.

Last year we began looking for a complimentary acquisition and have been exceptionally pleased with how Rego and SimpleSharepoint’s services and tool offerings combined can benefit our mutual and future clients.

Rego and SimpleSharepoint will continue to operate under their current brand names in the upcoming few months but will share resources and assets. Existing clients can expect the same high level of support to be maintained through the acquisition process.

Here are Some Answers to Common Questions about the Acquisition.

Why did Rego acquire SimpleSharepoint?
While searching for a suitable acquisition to expand our Microsoft offerings, we found that SimpleSharePoint not only provides excellent support but also discovered it to be the most closely culturally aligned with Rego’s values.

When did Rego acquire SimpleSharepoint?
We acquired SimpleSharepoint on April 1, 2023.

What type of company is SimpleSharepoint?
SimpleSharepoint is a US-based company that provides SharePoint professional services to clients located in the USA and worldwide including Qatar, Malaysia, England, Australia, and Brazil. They specialize in providing SharePoint design and development support to help clients automate data handling and manage documents better.

Will this deal impact existing contracts, including pricing?
All contracts are still valid as currently constituted, including all terms and pricing.

Will the staffing on my project change?
No. Current staffing will remain the same, except possibly for newly contracted work.

What new Microsoft offerings will be coming to Rego?
With the acquisition of this Microsoft Partner, we can offer clients a wide range of SharePoint support services, including consulting, customization services, and supporting business apps. Services include migration support, Office 365 branding, managed services, and SharePoint and Teams solutions development.

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