14 August, 2023 – CENTERVILLE, UTAH—Rego Consulting has acquired Avitiva, a Microsoft Certified partner specializing in SharePoint consulting.

According to Microsoft, as of 2020, over 200 million users utilize SharePoint as a collaboration platform, including most of our current clients, making this an ideal acquisition to help us support our clients and position ourselves to provide superior Microsoft support.

Avitiva is a Certified Microsoft Partner that has specialized in consulting for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies from the very first version (SharePoint 2001). By leveraging SharePoint and focusing on meeting their clients’ needs, they have designed solutions and services that work comprehensively and last over time. With their understanding of best practices for SharePoint architecture, we are confident that Avitiva will be a valuable part of Rego Consulting.

“I am super excited to have Wynne join our team. Her experience and vision for our SharePoint line of business will be a valuable asset for Rego and its customers.”
– Dan Greer, President, Rego Consulting

Along with the acquisition comes Wynne Leon. Wynne will now head up Rego’s Microsoft line of business and be an integral part in shaping the future of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 consulting at Rego. Wynne Leon boasts over 30 years of invaluable IT experience, with the last 17 years laser-focused on mastering O365 and SharePoint. She’s not just a tech enthusiast; she’s a triple-threat author with three books under her belt – two of them catering to the technical domain, while the third weaves a heartfelt memoir about her father. As if that’s not intriguing enough, she’s also trekked her way to an unforgettable night at the Everest base camp, etching her name into the roster of the truly adventurous!

We are very excited to have Wynne join us on our journey and look forward to what we have in store with SharePoint.

Rego has offered Microsoft support since 2009, and many of our expert guides are experienced Microsoft practitioners, but with the acquisition of Avitiva and SimpleSharepoint earlier this year, we endeavor to expand our MIcrosoft offerings.

Let Rego Be Your Guide

Are you looking for a partner to help you get the most from your Microsoft investment? Whether it’s Microsoft 365 implementation, SmartSheet support, SharePoint services, or custom configurations, Rego is here to help.

We can help with technical configurations as well as implementation, adoption, and integration challenges. Our experienced guides deliver results you can see – fast – while reducing time-to-value.

Rego offers webinars, half-day training classes, and white papers. For more information, see Microsoft Integration, Training, and Consulting.

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