In our last post CA PPM 14.1 Microsoft Project Integration and Studio Content Management, we talked about the redesigned Microsoft Project integration and new Studio Content Management, which allows you to move configuration content between environments without needing to know XML or XOG.

Aside from the new product branding, the new release of CA PPM 14.1 touts four features:

Today we’re going to look at the On Demand Integration Adapter in CA PPM 14.1.

CA PPM 14.1 Offers On-Demand Integration Adapter

The fourth new feature in CA PPM 14.1 is the On-Demand Integration Adapter for SaaS customers. If you’re looking for an easy way to import resource information, this is it. And you don’t need to worry about maintenance because CA PPM will continue to maintain the adapter through new releases.

Benefits of CA PPM 14.1 On-Demand Integration Adapter

WIth the On-demand integration adapter, SaaS customers will enjoy the ability to:

  • Import third-party resource information in CA PPM
  • Maintain integrations after upgrade
  • Enable Stock and Custom Attribute Support
  • Include OBS Associations

Exceptions: TSV, Attachments, and MVLs, Lookup support is limited to static lookups

Integration Adapter Data Flow

If you’ve used PPM SaaS before, you know there are two ways to integrate with the on-demand environment. One way is to place the delimited file format on a Secured FTP Server. CA PPM will execute the upload, parse and import it via XOG, and move the file to a directory that suits the operation status (input, processing, error, complete).


To account for anticipated de-bugging, Rego Consulting recommends that you wait to upgrade until the next version comes out. Are you using the CA PPM 14.1 Integration Adapter? We’d love to hear your experience in the comments below.

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