CA PPM 14.1 features VersionOne IntegrationCA PPM 14.1 came out in October 2014 with a new name and four new features for business transformation and operational excellence. 

  1. VersionOne Integration
  2. Microsoft Project Integration
  3. Studio Content Management
  4. On-Demand Integration Adapter

CA PPM 14.1 Now Offers VersionOne Integration

Perhaps the most exciting new feature reflects CA Technologies partnership with VersionOne to develop direct integration. The integration combines CA’s world-class project management software with VersionOne’s best of breed agile and lean platform, making it the most powerful enterprise PPM/agile solution on the market.

Benefits of CA PPM 14.1 VersionOne Integration 

This is CA’s first integration using agile execution tools. Functionally, projects are set up in CA PPM 14.1, executed in VersionOne, and deployed back to CA PPM 14.1 with tasks and work items, as well as resource development hours.

The CA PPM 14.1 VersionOne integration puts real time data to work with better visibility, increased transparency, improved decision making, and faster delivery on value. In our fast-paced environment, the automated handoff between agile application lifecycle management and portfolio management is a critical step for quickly delivering products and applications.

Manage the Entire Portfolio with CA PPM

With this update, CA PPM 14.1 allows clients to manage their entire portfolio. It gives agile teams flexibility to manage and execute projects and applications with whatever agile methodologies or tools they prefer, adding VersionOne integration to CA agile planning, RALLY integrations, traditional / waterfall programs and projects, and agile hybrid-type projects.

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Key Differentiators of CA PPM 14.1 VersionOne Integration

The VersionOne Integration is comprehensive. It can cover traditional projects, agile projects, and hybrid projects. It’s also tightly integrated, meaning there’s integration on project creation with work item status and time collection, and it leverages opportunity investment and unified portfolio management.


To account for anticipated de-bugging, Rego Consulting recommends that you wait to upgrade until the next version comes out. Are you planning to use the CA PPM 14.1 VersionOne Integration? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

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