In today’s Q&A, we’ll guide you through the resolution of five Clarity PPM issues we’ve seen crop up from time to time, like why you might get the “invalid relational operator” in GEL and how to handle a resource rate that varies by investment type.

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Q&A Summary

1. Why are my Relational Operators (in SQL inside GEL) invalid?

2. How can we set up the Rate Matrix to account for resources whose rates vary by investment?

3. How do you Remove ETC from an “Effort Task”?

4. Can we re-order Input Controls?

5. How do you get the “Relative Date” in an Input Control?

Please feel free to comment on any alternative answers you’ve found in the CA Community posting here. We love your input (always).

1. I know this used to work, but I’m getting an “invalid relational operator” error in GEL when trying to do the simple query below using a “less than” sign. It’s inside CDATA tags. Version 14.3. Thoughts??

<sql:query var=”results”><!

SELECT prstart
FROM prtimeperiod
WHERE prestart <  (ADD_MONTHS((LAST_DAY(SYSDATE)+1),-1) – ?)


Remember the escapeText=”false”

2. We have a resource whose rate varies by investment. Is there a way to handle this in the Rate Matrix? We don’t have Investment as an option in the Default matrix. What config(s) should we change/update to vary resource by investment type?


Add investment in the rate matrix. Simply open the Rate Matrix and from the Assign Columns tab, select Investment > Add > Save.


3. A project is complete, so I want to remove ETC from an Assignment on an auto-created “Effort Task.” When I change the ETC to zero or just “delete” it, the ETC hours come right back. From what I’ve read through google searches, the ETC can’t be removed, but I refuse to believe this. Anyone know of a work around? We aren’t using OWB/MSP, so those aren’t options.


It appears the only way to wipe out the allocation of the resource is from the Team tab. As soon as you do this, the ETC goes to 0.

4. Is there a way to re-order Input Controls?


You can reorder via studio, if you click and drag. Sometimes it won’t allow you to re-order . . . however, if you restart and go directly to the repository and try again, it should fix itself and allow you to move them.

5. Built in function in BO doesn’t appear to be in Jaspersoft. Curious if anyone has built the input control in JS and the logic in the query yet?


There is relative date. On the date it has a small tool tip saying if you put ‘WEEK’ it will get the relative date.

Here are two articles you can also reference:


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We hope that helped you vary resource by investment type, as well as other Clarity PPM questions. A special thanks to David Zywiec, Ben Rimmasch, Ross Hensel, Michael Meyers, and the Rego Team for this Q/A material.


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