Today, we’ll review Broadcom’s newly released version of Clarity PPM: 15.7. The release includes updates to project management, ideation, teams, roadmaps, and the Modern UX.

For a more comprehensive review, feel free to reach out to your Rego account representative and watch our demo of the Clarity PPM 15.7 release.

Thinking of Upgrading to Clarity PPM 15.7? Here are some great new features for you to consider.

Clarity’s latest release has new capabilities that will empower your users, from project managers to strategic planners. We will highlight a few of them here.

Clarity PPM 15.7 enhancements fall into the following categories:

  • Project Management
  • Idea Management/Custom Investment
  • Roadmap
  • General Enhancements

Users are pleased with these product additions.

Modernize Your Project Management

Previous versions of Clarity were dedicated to a modern project management approach. This release enhances the ability to personalize your experience.

Starting with the Board View, you can plan and manage your projects through a board interface. The Board View gives users clear and easy insight to projects and their status.

In addition, project managers now have a configurable grid view to tailor content and drill in for quick updates and changes. To further optimize workflow, the Modern UX grid view supports group-by functionality. Simply drag a value above the list to create a simplified grouped view.

Clarity’s modern experience has introduced a new task Gantt (still in beta) in 15.7. The gantt chart offers users countless options such as managing tasks, dependencies, resources, and dates.

Are you looking for a tool to manage staff quickly and efficiently? Clarity’s modern experience helps you track and schedule resources with the new Mixed Staffing tool.

Idea Management and Custom Investment Enhancements

Transform your ideas into projects by utilizing Clarity’s new Convert to Project tool in the Modern UX. This new enhancement simplifies and streamlines your processes.

Additionally, you can choose to copy both the team and/or the financials into the project.

New Tabs for Ideas and Custom Investments support much more detailed tracking for non-project related investments. You can track financials, sub-objects, and links.

Roadmapping Your Investments

A cornerstone of Clarity modern experience, Roadmaps have been enhanced to drive additional insight and ease of use.

Clarity’s enhanced synchronized option lets users choose which data synchronizes and in what way. It even includes custom matching data.

Create an even cleaner user experience in the timeline view by using trim for the roadmap name.


Finally, there are some general enhancements that we are excited about at here at Rego:

  1. Totals are found at the bottom of grids. Simply highlight a column to view the Totals:
  2. Detail pages now include Two Columns:
  3. Enhancements to filters and so much more:

These are just a few of the new capabilities you can leverage in 15.7. If you’re interested in upgrading to Clarity PPM 15.7, reach out to a Rego expert guide today.

Get a more in-depth look at Clarity PPM 15.7 in our on-demand webinar here.

Rego Drives Clarity PPM Innovation

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