let-rego-be-your-guide-guidebookFree registration is now open for regoUniversity | Upgrading to CA PPM 14.4 with Jaspersoft, a live Rego Webinar held Wednesday, July 20th at 12:00 PM EST.

Presented by Ramesh Rathnam and Darren Greer (see bios below), participants will learn how to reduce the risk and duration of upgrades by leveraging Rego’s best practice approach. Ramesh and Darren are expected to emphasize the loss of Business Objects and strategies for moving to Jaspersoft.

“We’ll cover the pros and cons of upgrading and what the latest patches bring to the table,” says Darren Greer, Technical Consultant for Rego. “And because we’ve done so many upgrades, we can easily help you make it a smoother process.”

“Even On Demand is not effortless,” says Steve Seaney, Vice President of Project Delivery. “You need somebody who knows what to expect and what’s going to happen before it does, so you can be prepared to address it.”

Participants will also learn when and where a fresh start upgrade makes sense, how to get a free architecture stack review, and what it takes to remediate tricky configurations, like financial structures.

“We’ve got a lot of experience to share about things to do well in advance of an upgrade, including some cautions about how to avoid the edge of the Tomcat abyss, expand functionality, and improve performance,” says Ramesh Rathnam, Principal Architect.

CA PPM 14.4 changes include new Data Warehouse configuration options and performance improvements for Jaspersoft. The My Reports portlet has been discontinued and replaced by Advanced Reporting features, and Business Objects can no longer be used.  Also inaccessible: studio lookups, object action menus, and links to legacy reporting options.

CA PPM administrators, as well as functional and technical users can benefit from this free webinar, and anyone in the community is welcome to apply for registration. Reserve your seat now for regoUniversity | Upgrading to CA PPM 14.4 with Jaspersoft.



About Darren Greer

One of our technical mavens, Darren has spent more than fifteen years managing multiple disparate IT technologies and operations, including big data, software development, and third-party software implementations. At Rego, Darren is a leader in all things Jaspersoft and also a training and POD leader. With a BS in Information Sciences from Carroll University and a Six Sigma Green Belt, he brings significant knowledge in desktop and application virtualization, agile methodologies, global operations management, and client customer relationship. Outside of work Darren’s interests are just as varied. He is a self-proclaimed early adopter of technology and loves photography, reading, basketball, his family, and piloting Quadcopters.

ramesh_rathnam-150x150About Ramesh Rathnam

Ramesh has one of the most diverse and rounded backgrounds of the Rego team. He’s lived across the globe in places like Mumbai, London, Toronto, Ottawa, and now Long Island. During his travels, he built an impressive resume which includes titles like Director of Information Technology, Senior Enterprise Systems Management Consultant, Performance and Capacity Manager, Services Architect, and today, Principal Architect. Ramesh holds a Master of Science from the University of Mumbai and an MBA from Southeastern University. He’s also fluent in English, French, Tamil, Hindi and semi-fluent in German and Russian. When asked what his hobbies and interests are, Ramesh replied “too many to list.” We’re not surprised.

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