We are excited to announce that Rego University, the premier training event for professionals in the portfolio project management (PPM), Agile, and Technology Business Management (TBM) fields, will be held in sunny San Diego, California on September 24-27, 2023. Early bird registration is now open.

This year’s RegoU promises to be even better than before, with a wide range of classes, workshops, and networking opportunities for attendees. This is an excellent conference for professionals to enhance their skills, gain valuable insights, and connect with industry peers.

Below we’ll cover the top ten reasons attendees keep coming back to Rego University year after year.

1. Learning Best Practices

Rego University offers a variety of classes and workshops that provide attendees with the latest best practices in project management, Agile, and Technology Business Management. This provides attendees the opportunity to gain knowledge and insights from thought leaders and stay up-to-date with the current industry standards, emerging trends, and methodologies.

2. Comparing Use Cases with Peers

RegoU attendees enjoy sharing their personal experiences and learning from others who are facing similar challenges. When comparing use cases with their peers, attendees often gain valuable insights. Rego University also features client-sharing sessions, where attendees present their own use cases and tips.

3. Not Feeling Like Your Being Sold Something

Rego University is not a sales-driven event. Attendees can expect to learn from unbiased experts who are focused on providing valuable information and insights. This allows attendees to gain a true understanding of the topics and technologies being discussed, without feeling pressured to purchase anything.

4. Getting One-on-One Help in Open Labs

Rego University provides attendees with access to open labs, where they can schedule a time slot during the event and get hands-on help from Rego’s technical experts. Need help troubleshooting a problem? Want to connect with an expert in-person? RegoU has you covered.

5. Connecting with Rego’s expert PPM, Agile, and TBM Guides

At RegoU, attendees can also connect with Rego’s expert PPM, Agile, and TBM guides. These senior consultants are available to answer questions, provide guidance, give encouragement, help you find solutions, and share their own experiences and insights.

6. Earning Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Did you know Rego University enables you to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs)? If you are a member of Project Management Institute (PMI), your attendance can be applied for your ongoing PDU requirements.

7. Getting a Customized Learning Experience

Another benefit of attending Rego University is the ability to customize your learning experience. With a wide range of classes and workshops to choose from, attendees can select the sessions that are most relevant to their current role and goals.

8. Growing Your Network

In addition to the educational benefits of attending Rego University, the event is also a prime place for attendees to build their professional networks. At RegoU, you will connect with industry peers to share ideas, compare your journeys, and form long-term professional relationships.

9. Enjoying Beautiful San Diego

Rego University is taking place in ocean-side San Diego. The city is known for its beaches, outdoor activities, and tourist attractions such as the famous San Diego Zoo and theme parks. It is also home to a vibrant food scene, several hiking trails, and museums. In between sessions, attendees can look forward to relaxing by the ocean or enjoying a night out on the town.

10. Improving Your Organization

Every year, attendees voice that Rego University gives them ideas, direction, and a vision for how they can improve their organization in the years to come. For attendees, it’s not just about learning at Rego University, it’s about applying that knowledge and being leaders of change in their organizations after the event.

We hope you will join us this September, and grow your knowledge of the project management, Agile, and TBM fields. You will have the opportunity to learn best practices, network with peers, get hands-on help in open labs, earn Professional Development Units (PDUs), customize your learning experience, connect with expert guides, enjoy beautiful San Diego, and build your professional network, in a sales-free environment.

For more information on Rego University, please visit regouniversity.com.

About the Author: Rego Consulting

As the leading Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Technology Business Management (TBM), Agile and expert services provider, Rego Consulting has helped hundreds of organizations achieve a higher return on their software investment, including 60% of Fortune 100 and 70% of Fortune 20 companies.

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