Did you know Rego’s Clarity PPM solution library, RegoXchange, offers hundreds of Clarity Workflow Processes designed to save you time and make your workday easier?

Many of the most popular workflow processes are available for free with an account to theBasiX, while others are included as part of a subscription to theWorX. Because RegoXchange is a not-for-profit solution library, subscriptions help support new content and continued solution development.

In addition to Clarity workflows, RegoXchange has thousands of handy Clarity PPM solutions including portlets, reports, training material, and technical tricks to help you get even more value out of your Clarity investment.

We are counting down the top 10 Clarity workflow processes on RegoXchange. These ready-to-use solutions are fan favorites for a reason – they save hours of time and money.

#1 – Blueprint Migrator

The Blueprint Migrator was designed to migrate blueprints from one environment to another. You can even move multiple blueprints at a time with this Clarity PPM Workflow process, saving hours of time and eliminating the possibility of user errors.

Available for free in theBasiX: Oracle / SQL Server / Postgres

#2 – Grant PM Collaboration Manager Rights

Many times, Project Managers are not set as Collaboration Managers when a project is created. This script can be run to automatically give a PM the Collaboration Manager rights to their projects without having to go through each project separately.

Available for free in theBasiX: Oracle / SQL Server /Postgres

#3 – Open and Close Periods

The Open and Close Periods workflow process closes the earliest open time period and opens the first closed time period after the latest open time period. It can be used for a non-administrator to open and close time periods without having access to the administrative side.

Here is an example of how the process works – If your oldest time period was February 8th, and your most recent was June 2nd, it would close out on February 8th, and open a time period for the week after June 2nd.

Available for free in theBasiX: Oracle / SQL Server / Postgres

#4 – Remove RM Auto Permissions

This Clarity workflow gives admins the ability to remove all automatic permissions (Resource Manager Auto) granted to resource managers.

Available with subscription to theWorX: Oracle / SQL Server

#5 – PPM Data Dictionary Extractor

The PPM Data Dictionary Extractor pulls schema and attribute information from each object in Clarity PPM and places it in a custom object.

Available with subscription to theWorX: Oracle / SQL Server / Postgres

#6 – Unlock Projects

The Unlock Projects workflow can execute a query that automatically unlocks projects that have been exported or checked out for over two days. This prevents time from posting to those projects, as they will not remain in the “locked” state for a long period of time.

Available for free in theBasiX: Oracle / SQL Server /Postgres

#7 – Action Item Reassignment in Clarity

This workflow allows you to reassign action items that have been sent out to a resource. First, you choose the resource who currently has the action item(s) sitting in their queue. Next, select the resource you want to reassign the action items to. Third, pick however many action items you want to re-associate before running the process. After all the fields are set, the process can be run and will re-associate the action items from one resource to the other.

Available with subscription to theWorX: Oracle / SQL Server /Postgres

#8 – Simple Time Tracking Stalker – Resource Manager

This process helps Resource Managers to see if their resources are submitting their timesheets on time. The simple time tracking stalker automatically sends to an email to Resource Managers for each on their resources that have not submitted their timesheets for a prior open period.

Project Managers will also enjoy this workflow as the notifications help ensure that time is being posted against their projects in a timely manner. This helps provide an accurate view of time expended on projects.

Available for free in theBasiX: Oracle / SQL Server / Postgres

#9 – Simple Time Tracking Stalker – Resource

This resource workflow helps ensure resources submit timesheets in a timely manner.

The process checks for active resources, hire and termination dates, track mode, and open for time entry. Then, resources are notified via email if they have not submitted their timesheet in a prior week.

Available for free in theBasiX: Oracle / SQL Server /Postgres

#10 – Remove PM Auto Permission

This Clarity workflow grants admins the ability to remove all automatic permissions (Project Manager Auto) granted to project managers.

Available with subscription to theWorX: Oracle / SQL Server / Postgres

Let Rego Be Your Guide

Want even more Clarity workflows? Check out the many more available on RegoXchange. New solutions are being added all the time, so be sure to check back often. And, if you are looking for other ways to save time and get the most out of your Clarity PPM investment, a free Clarity health check can help you identify opportunities and quick wins. If you are looking to optimize the value of all your digital tools, a digital ecosystem assessment can help you discover opportunities and create an interconnected ecosystem.

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