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Our webinars are designed to guide you through your Technology Business Management journey and get you ready to take the next step. All of these webinars are on-demand so you can watch them at your convenience. If you would like to know more, you can contact TBM Council Steering Comittee Member and Rego’s VP of Business Development, Tim Pietro. He is happy to discuss all things TBM with you!

What is Technology Business Management (TBM)?

According to the TBM Council, “Technology Business Management (TBM) is a discipline that improves business outcomes by giving organizations a consistent way to translate technology investments to business value.”

One of the popular topics amongst IT leaders right now is how they can potentially transform IT into a services organization by leveraging Technology Business Management (TBM).

During this on-demand webinar, Rego’s VP of Business Development, Tim Pietro, will introduce the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework and share common CIO Challenges and core TBM enablers.

What is TBM

Accelerating Value with TBM

Want to hear from companies who are successfully using Technology Business Management? During this on-demand webinar, Jim Palermo, VP and CIO at Red Hat, Inc., will share how their organization has adopted the TBM Framework and their success stories.

Discover lessons learned that you can apply to your own organization to drive TBM growth and success.

TBM Transformation Journey Map

One of the most common pitfalls as IT organizations begin their TBM journey is not considering the “governance and change leadership” needed to fully adopt the framework. In fact, one of the biggest barriers to any IT transformation is culture.

The sole purpose of TBM is to enable organizations with a better way to discuss needs, tradeoffs, and funding decisions with the business in terms that they can understand.

Discover the key design principles for each of the 5 phases of the journey map. You will learn solutions to common challenges as well as best practices.

Technology Business Management Journey

Build Your Business Case for Technology Business Management (TBM)

Transform IT from a cost center to a strategic asset. This on-demand webinar, led by TBM framework contributor Tim Pietro, equips CIOs, IT professionals, and tech enthusiasts with strategies to implement TBM.

In this webinar, Tim Pietro, a key member of the cross-industry team that developed the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework, will help you:

  • Crack the code to building compelling business cases for TBM.
  • Learn how to quantify the value of IT initiatives and prove their ROI.
  • Gain insights on aligning technology with business goals to drive digital transformation.

Accelerating Value with Technology Business Management (TBM)

Hear from Ashley Pettit, Senior Vice President and CIO for State Farm, will share how State Farm has leveraged the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework and their success stories. Recently, Ashley was also named TBM Council’s Chairperson.

Technology Business Management Journey

How to Transform IT into a Services Organization using TBM and Service Roles

With the rise of digital transformation, Cloud, and third-party SaaS vendors, it has become essential for CIOs to make their IT departments competitive, but more importantly, a strategic advisor within the business. Now more than ever, IT has recognized the need to become a premier services center organization also known as IT as a Services Organization (ITaaSO).

In this white paper, you’ll explore how to begin that transformation by defining and assigning service roles – which is an early step in the TBM Transformation Journey Map.

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