Case Study: Increase visibility into marketing projects and timelines for the entire organization

The Customer

International media company with on-demand streaming platform serving over 90 million subscribers and +7 billion USD in yearly revenue.

The Challenge

The streaming giant needed a way to increase visibility into marketing projects and timelines for their entire organization.

With thousands of marketing assets in production for hundreds of TV shows and movies, non-core marketing team members did not know who to contact to gain access to marketing assets, when assets and campaigns would be rolled out, and the statuses and timelines of marketing projects. This also wasted time as employees tried to search for information.

One of the organization’s Vice Presidents envisioned an easy-to-use system that would ensure the right level of visibility was always available to every stakeholder in the organization.

The Solution

The streaming service partnered with Rego Consulting to implement a solution using and Relevus.

Rego was able to create a single view board for marketing campaign projects called a “Campaign Tracker” that contained all the information any stakeholder would need at a high-level view. This was accomplished by rolling up all individual marketing projects and data into one easy-to-navigate board.

The Campaign Tracker board included fields of when a TV show or movie was premiering, start and finish dates, who the creative director was, how many episodes were being created, project statuses, and more. With dozens of fields, any stakeholder could easily get their questions answered instantly. And, if stakeholders wanted even more visibility, all they needed to do was drill down into the board to gain deeper insights.

Additionally, since all of the rolled-up data was synced in, when a marketing team member changed a status, dates, or other information, it was instantly updated in the single-board view for all stakeholders to see, ensuring the most current information was always available.

The Results

Higher Visibility:
Stakeholders can now simply log into and see insights that are applicable to them. This includes information on who owns different marketing assets, the statuses of marketing projects, and details such as what projects are delayed or on time.

This is also helping the teams that utilize marketing assets once they are completed to prepare and align their own timelines.

Time Saved:
Instead of wasting hours searching through email chains and making phone calls, employees can now instantly see the information they need, saving time and increasing productivity.

Single Source of Truth (SSoT):
All data for marketing campaigns and assets is now in the organization’s instance. And, any time data is changed in one view, it is now synced across the entire system, ensuring all data is up-to-date and accurate.

Greater Collaboration:
With all information stored in one place, not only can stakeholders see who is working on what, they can also collaborate much more quickly using boards.

The Road Ahead

The media company has already start working with Rego on upcoming initiatives. After seeing the success of the marketing Campaign Tracker, they have started applying that same idea to their social media campaigns.

After marketing assets are created in the Campaign Tracker, they are handed off to different team to share and track ad spend on social media. By syncing the work in the Campaign Tracker with a new social media board, the social team will be pinged when new assets are ready to share with the world. Additionally, all stakeholders will also have the ability to see social media statuses and owners at a glance, just like with the Campaign Tracker.

Lastly, the streaming giant will be able to invite outside vendors to view and use these boards when appropriate as well.

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