Steve Seaney, Vice President of Project Delivery

Steve Seaney, Vice President of Project Delivery and panelist for Rock Your Next Upgrade, CA PPM

Free registration is now open for regoUniversity | Rock Your Next Upgrade, a live Rego Hangout on Tuesday, January 12th at 12:00 PM EST. If you are preparing for or considering a CA PPM upgrade, you should attend this hangout. Participants will learn how to reduce the risk and duration of upgrades by leveraging Rego’s best practice approach. 

“We know upgrades can be daunting,” says John Hoaldridge, Senior Functional Consultant and panelist. “And because we’ve done so many, we can definitely make it a smoother process.”

Rock Your Next Upgrade covers the unofficial hot spots that flare up before, during, and after an upgrade. In other words, the hidden impacts that go beyond the documentation we see in release notes, admin guides, impact guides, and installation guides.

“Even On Demand is not effortless,” says Steve Seaney, Vice President of Project Delivery and panelist. “You need somebody who knows what to expect and what’s going to happen before it does, so you can be prepared to address it.”ca ppm, ca clarity ppm, clarity ppm, clarity, upgrade, 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, release notes, installation guide, admin guide, impact guide, hangout, rock upgrade, Tomcat, how to, expert, training, impact

Participants will also learn when and where a fresh start upgrade makes sense, how to get a free architecture stack review, and “what it takes to remediate tricky configurations, like financial structures,” says Clayton Reynolds, CA PPM Consultant and panelist.

“We’ve got a lot of experience to share about things to do well in advance of an upgrade, including some cautions about how to avoid the edge of the Tomcat abyss, expand functionality, and improve performance,” says Ramesh Rathnam, Principal Architect and panelist.

CA PPM administrators, as well as functional and technical users can benefit from this free Rock Your Next Upgrade Hangout, and anyone in the community is welcome to apply for registration. Reserve your seat for regoUniversity | Rock Your Next Upgrade on Tuesday, January 12th at 12:00 PM EST.

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