Last week, we held RegoUniversity in San Diego, CA for Clarity PPM and Rally Software® training and networking. It was amazing—and there was an incredible turnout. We’d like to thank those who came and made this experience truly remarkable.

“I’ve known Rego for several years, and I highly recommend them. This was my first RegoUniversity. It’s fantastic! You obtain very solid knowledge without fluff or advertising. Rego is a tremendously talented organization with a wealth of knowledge.”

“RegoU brings smiles to people’s faces. I started attending in 2014 and enjoyed the opportunity to network with others, connect, learn, and share.” 

This year, more than 350 Agile and PPM practitioners generously shared their knowledge and joined us for inspiring conversations. It was the most highly attended RegoU to date. To download presentations from the event, click here.

“This was my fifth RegoU. Every time I come, I learn something new. Our RegoU dream team has been so helpful, and this has been a nice way to connect with them.” 

If you made it to the networking dinners on Sunday or Monday night, we’re so glad you could join us. The Paradise Terrace was a beautiful setting, enveloped in a glowing late-summer sunset with snowy egrets flying overhead. We enjoyed the opportunity to share drinks and s’mores with you.

We owe a special thanks to the Broadcom leadership for Clarity PPM and Rally Software®, including Kurt Steinle, Greg Gould, Tanuj Vohra, and Rich Howarth who spoke about their free Rally Software® program. Broadcom’s sponsorship had a profound and meaningful impact on RegoU’s success this year, and we are grateful for their attendance and support of our customers.

Thank you for coming. Here are some fun facts:

  • 375 Total Attendees
  • 124 Companies Represented
  • 239 Rego Staff and Family
  • 50+ One-on-One Sessions

“We’ve been really impressed with everything Rego does, every day. RegoU is very focused on Clarity PPM and related products, and provides tremendous value. The partnership with CA and Broadcom is amazing. Thank you, Rego. Keep going! Good work!”

Five of the exciting classes you joined us for:

AI and PPM: What Might the Future Hold?
At the Gartner conference, artificial intelligence was a hot topic. This session covered some AI trends and potential impacts within the PPM industry. Read about what’s coming with AI for PPM.

Clarity PPM and Agile Integration | Bimodal IT
This class provided best practices for implementing Agile tools in conjunction with Clarity PPM while living in a bimodal world. We discussed how Clarity PPM can govern both types of work and teams and how Agile tools should interface with Clarity PPM.

Migrating to the Modern UX | Best Practices and Lessons Learned
Are you still using Classic Clarity? Are you wondering how and when you should transition to the Modern UX? This class was a practical guide on how to know what to move and when to move it. We discussed real use cases and helped provide guidance on this strategic decision.

Project-to-Product: A Practical Guide to Making the Transition
Our clients and industry analysts agree that the time has come to make the transition from “projects” to “products”—but many organizations struggle with how to get started or what to do (e.g. how to scale agility). This session reviewed key success factors of Clarity PPM’s own project-to-product transition to provide insights into what might be confusing or challenging to your organization. We provided practical advice on how to get moving in the right direction.

PMO Continuous Assessment | Best Practices
Are you ready to implement a continuous improvement practice within your PMO? This class was a working session to help build and sustain a continuous assessment initiative within your PMO, helping to manage goals and objectives from start-up through maturity. We discussed growth mapping to processes, tools, and strategic objectives.

Thanks to everyone who made RegoU 2019 a great event. Please share your experience with us by leaving feedback here. 

About the Author: Rego Consulting

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