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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Organization with a Digital Ecosystem Assessment

Who is Rego Consulting?

We’ve helped over 60% of Fortune 500 companies achieve success on their Portfolio Project Management (PPM), Agile, and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) journeys.

Our experienced practitioners us their previous PPM, Agile, and SPM job expertise to guide clients to maximize the value of their software and discover best practices.

What is a Digital Ecosystem Assessment?

Many organizations find that the strategic decisions, tools, and configurations they chose years ago are now outdated, troublesome, or don’t fit well with their new ways of doing business.

We understand that an interconnected ecosystem is essential to drive digital transformation and will assess your current technology stack to determine if optimization is needed.

Our proven assessment approach, which involves evaluating people, processes, and tools, can help you create a thriving environment that aligns with your strategic goals.

We will help you identify quick wins and give you a roadmap of recommendations for long-term success.

Value to You:

  • Optimizes data flow between technologies
  • Removes process waste
  • Reduces data management and manual data entry
  • Improves reporting and access to key information
  • Eliminates confusion around systems of record
  • Strategic roadmap and a phased execution plan that aligns with tactical initiatives

For a limited time, qualifying organizations can apply for a free Digital Ecosystem Assessment. Space is limited; apply today.

Rego’s Proven Assessment Approach

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