Drive Organizational Insights with ease using Rego’s Clarity to Agile connectors

We are pleased to announce that our base Clarity to Agile tool connectors will now be available, FREE, to our customers! Here at Rego, we understand that managing Agile work doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and connecting systems drives executive insights and financial simplicity without impacting your teams and processes! This is why we have created a connector that allow you to connect your Agile tool of choice with Clarity…all for free!

With over 100 Agile connector installations, our consultants have the experiences and best practices to get your install up and running. To best optimize your approach, our experts work with your teams to learn how your planning and execution processes work. They will use this experience to create an integration approach that delivers a quick time to value. With dozens of years of experience, our seasoned professionals are ready to handle any obstacles that may pop up.

Some of the Benefits of Using Clarity to Agile Connectors:

Unlock real-time visibility throughout the development lifecycle

Generate an understanding of where people are spending their time

Align the development teams with the approved funding investments

Use Clarity as a one-stop-shop for monitoring funding, labor, and cost

Reduce administrative overhead on developers

Track and charge time in one tool instead of multiple

Feedback from clients using our integration:

Last year we undercapitalized labor by $1M due to having disconnected systems. This resulted in a budget reduction and restrictions on headcount increases by that same amount. By connecting Clarity and Jira together, we will be able to consume actual progress tracked by developers in Jira (where they already track their work) and feed that directly to Clarity. This is done behind the scenes which also greatly reduces the administrative overhead on the developers. The connector will not only give the development community the opportunity to spend less time on time-tracking activities, but it will also result in more accurate labor capitalization since the data being used for time-tracking is consumed at granular levels in Jira.

After a review and analysis of the work being tracked in Jira against our strategic portfolio, it was uncovered that the development community spent about 15% of their time on activities not anticipated in the approved portfolio. A root cause analysis determined that the lack of a connection back to a PPM tool where the strategic initiatives are maintained along with the flexibility of Jira, made it easy for the development teams to misidentify approved, strategic work. By connecting Clarity and Jira together, we were able to create fail-safes whereby Epics in Jira must map back to a Clarity project. This provides a level of structure for the development teams to ensure that their work is aligned to approved funding investments. This connection also gives us the ability to combine metrics in Clarity and Jira so that consolidated reports can be produced for decision-makers, thereby reducing the work required to produce those reports.”

These are just a few examples of how the Rego Clarity to Agile tools connectors can help you! Get in touch, today, with your account manager to learn more about this exciting offering!

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