Summer may have arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, but Rego’s developers and expert consultants have been busy generating solutions to help you boost your Clarity investment. Even better, we’ve upgraded RegoXchange with hundreds of new content items specifically for Clarity’s Modern UX. The newly enhanced RegoXchange now has even more solutions designed to save you time and money, from quick reference guides and training videos to processes and portlets.

In this article, we’ll discuss what’s new in RegoXchange for the Modern UX and share examples of each content type.


RegoXchange workflow processes are incredible tools used to automate repetitive steps, so you don’t have to perform them manually in Clarity. And now, you can use most of the 60-plus unique RegoXchange workflows to ramp up your user experience in the Modern UX. We’ve shared a few of the most popular below.

Roadmap Cloning Workflow Process

The Roadmap Cloning process creates a clone of any existing roadmap and should be run using the “Execute a Process” job. To choose a roadmap to clone, update the Start Step Action’s Custom Script Parameters with the proper roadmap ID in the templateCode field.

Available in theWorX: OraclePostgres | SQL Server

Blueprint Migrator

The Blueprint Migrator workflow migrates Blueprints between one or more Blueprints between instances. First, run the workflow using the Execute a Process job. To get started, complete the GEL parameters to specify the location from which to pull the Blueprint(s). Blueprints will be pulled from the target environment to the environment that executes the GEL script.

Available in theWorX: Oracle/SQL/Postgres


Starting in Clarity 15.9.1, users can include up to 15 content items, or Channels, from another source by clicking the New Channel button. This functionality is downright fantastic and means that you can choose any of the more than 200 RegoXchange portlets to streamline your Clarity investment even more. Below are two of the countless options you can choose:

Missing Time by PM Portlet

The Missing Time by PM portlet displays all missing or late timesheets for resources staffed on a project where the logged-in user is the project manager. Resources will be listed if they are open for time entry, have a track mode of Clarity, and have a timesheet that is not posted (accommodates for hire and termination dates).

Available in theBasiX: Oracle | Postgres | SQL Server

Clarity Health Portlet

The Clarity Health portlet provides a quick glance into the health of key components and critical jobs in the Clarity environment.

The following metrics are monitored:

  • Process Engine
  • Time Slices
  • Datamart Extraction
  • Datamart Rollup
  • Rate Matrix – Full
  • Rate Matrix – Incremental
  • Load Data Warehouse – Full Load
  • Load Data Warehouse – Incremental
  • Load Data Warehouse Access Rights

Available in theWorX: Oracle | Postgres | SQL Server


Roadmap Grid Report

Out-of-the-box (OOTB), there is no way to export or report on the Modern UX Roadmap Grid view. The RegoXchange Roadmap Grid report lets you select one or more Roadmaps and provides an exportable view of several OOTB fields from those roadmaps. Your developers may add custom attributes to the report.

Available in theBasiX: Oracle | Postgres

Jaspersoft and Power BI Reports

RegoXchange includes more than 35 Power BI reports and over 40 for Jaspersoft, all of which can be viewed in the Modern UX via Channels.

Project Storyboard Transaction-Based Jaspersoft Report

The Project Storyboard transaction-based Jaspersoft report pulls real-time data from Clarity transaction tables. You can run it from either the Advanced Reporting or Reports and Jobs area within Clarity.

Available in theBasiX

Rego’s Phoenix UI

Broadcom’s Phoenix user interface is a great way to experience the look of the Modern UX from Clarity Classic. Introduced as a patch at version, the Phoenix UI provides a stylish skin with additional features. And with its row-based property sheet attributes, Rego’s Phoenix UI gives users yet another way to navigate Clarity Classic in style.

Available in theWorX

Let Rego Be Your Guide

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