Now you can use Clarity PPM (CA PPM) to manage your contracted work.

Rego’s new Contract Management Module tracks vendors, milestones, and deliverables in real-time, so you can see status and spend by contract—as it occurs on your project.

Contract Management Capabilities

Get better visibility into your contracts and projects.

  • Identify and Track all Contract Deliverables
  • Manage Contract Status, Spend, Vendors, and Contacts
  • Associate Contract Deliverables with Project and Task Milestones
  • Apply Deliverable Costs to a Project
  • View Contract Spending Over Time in Project Financial Plans
  • Forecast Contract Spending by Project
  • Associate Contracting Vendors with Clarity PPM Vendors
  • Associate Sub Contracts to Contracts

Clarity PPM Example

What does it look like when you tie your contracts to project tasks, milestones, and spending?

In the first screenshot below we can see a contract called Bob’s Baseball Construction for $950,000 and that $50,000 has been applied so far. The contract is with the vendor called Bob Supply.



We have associated two deliverables to this contract, one of which is assigned to a project and a task.



At the project task level we can see the association of this task with the contract deliverable. Also note that the checkbox Deliverable Charge Applied is checked. This occurred because the project manager set the task status to completed, which processed the $50,000 charge against the project.


For the contract’s project cost tab we can see that the $50,000 was from Project00084-aa_test1.



When we look at the financial plan for the aa_test1 project, we see Bob’s contract and the associated $50,000 charge in June 2016. Notice the other contracts that applied cost to this project. This enables us to forecast contract spend per contract. If desired, the contract group could be removed to see all contract costs grouped together on one line and not broken out by contract.



In the portlet below we can see that Bob Baseball Field Construction is a master contract with a sub-contract of Lawn Care associated to it. We see that a total of $50,200 has been applied to two projects (aa_test1 and HIE/HIT) from the master and the subcontract. We can also see details about all our contracts.



For more information on how to use Contract Management with your projects, feel free to drop us a line.

*Special thanks to Mike Gillespie and the Rego Team for this great material.

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