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In this week’s Learn PPM with Rego, we’ll explore five Clarity PPM (CA PPM) questions and answers.

  1. How do we approve locked Timesheets?
  2. Why are our Allocations missing from the Time Scaled Value (TSV) field?
  3. Our notification links are redirecting users to the wrong page.
  4. How can we add PDF fonts (Jaspersoft)?
  5. When did Allocation on NPIO start to generate ETC?

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How do we approve Timesheets that were Locked by a now-deleted process?

The original timesheets triggered the approval process, which was canceled and deleted, so the AIs tied were deleted. How do we clear that lock? There are NO timesheet locks in the PRlock table.


The answer is hiding in the ODF_LOCKED_ATTRIBUTES table. So you can clear the lock with a delete statement that hinges on the odf_pk = <timesheetid> and object_code = ‘timesheet’. To go one step further, make sure attributre_code is ‘prstatus’.



 Why are Allocations missing from our Time Scaled Value (TSV) field?

We have a new On Demand instance, and when we add resources or roles to the team (Ideas or Projects) the allocations appear fine on our Team Summary page, but the hours are missing from the time scaled value field on the Team Detail page.

We can add hours to the TSV field, and the total allocation updates, but the hours never disappear from the TSV field after the save. Segments are correct. This is happening on all allocation portlets with TSV fields. We’ve tried running several different jobs but can’t run the data mart jobs because we haven’t setup Financials. Is that needed for these allocation TSV’s to work correctly?


In order to get the insta-slicing process working properly along with the calendar information populated, run the required datamart job. To run this job, you need an entity, location, department and fiscal time periods. So you will want to set up financial information.



When we send a notification with a link to an Object, the link takes users to the general page and not the object. Is there a solution to this issue? We have an On Demand environment with Single Sign-On.


Please make sure you have the relay state set on your SSO system, and verify the OD team has set up the configuration correctly.



Can we add new fonts for PDF export?


Adding a PDF Font Style (to be exported) can help when a font is not available out of the box in the PDF Exporter. The following steps show how to add one.

  1. Download the TTF for the font that you need to use. Make sure to get both the BD (Bold), regular, and italicized versions. Note: Some fonts do not have italics, research will be needed.
  2. Add the TTFs to the Jaspersoft server.
  • Create custom font folder
  • Right click on folder and click add File > Font
  • Add the TTF, and click submit
  • Navigate to the Properties and copy the path
  1. Once the path has been copied, embed it in the following syntax: pdfFontName=“path”. Ex: pdfFontName=”repo:/Custom_Reports/Custom_Fonts/tahomabd.ttf”
  1. Navigate to Jaspersoft Studio, and in the style or on the text field directly add the tag you saved in Step 3. (Make sure to grab the right TTF based on bold, italics, etc). Ex: <style name=”Section_Header” mode=”Opaque” backcolor=”rgba(228, 126, 2, 0.2509804)” fontName=”Tahoma” fontSize=”12″ isBold=”true” pdfFontName=”repo:/Custom_Reports/Custom_Fonts/tahomabd.ttf”/>



When did Allocation on NPIO start auto-generating ETC?  Is this new in 14.3?  I don’t see any control that would stop it.  Anyone have any background?


It’s been this way from the beginning. Allocation on NPIOs creates ETC to match, but you may not have noticed because the automatic effort task that gets generated for NPIOs is hidden in the UI. You don’t see the Tasks tab on them, but all resources staffed to an NPIO get assigned to the Effort task with ETCs.


*A special thanks to the brilliant Navdeep JoshiVishal Arya, and the Rego Team for this great material. This article was first published on the CA Community site.  Join the conversation here.

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