let-rego-be-your-guide-guidebookRego is celebrating Fridays by sharing Questions & Answers about CA PPM with our ever-expanding knowledge-community, so we can all learn as much as possible.

Today’s Learn PPM with Rego explores five topics.

1. Is there a known issue in CA PPM 14.2, when including Attributes in the Data Warehouse (DWH)?

2. For tracking interface changes, should we use Custom Object instead of OOB Auditing?

3. What might cause a duplicated Project in a List View? 

4. Is anyone having trouble using a full sync to update a username in the Jasperserver?

5. Can we post future transactions to the WIP?

Please feel free to comment on our answers and any alternative answers you’ve found within the complete article here, in the CA Community. 

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And a special thanks to the brilliant Navdeep Joshi and the Rego Team for this great material.