Could you use a blueprint for great Clarity PPM workflows? Join our On Demand webinar regoUniversity | Insider’s Guide to Workflows now. In this workflows starter, we’ll show you case studies for great workflows, best practice designs, and how to extend your performance with workflows.

“Workflows are incredible tools to automate repetitive steps, so you don’t have to perform them manually in Clarity PPM,” says Sankhadeep Dhar, Clarity PPM Consultant and webinar host. “It’s like having your own impersonator, starting and finishing your steps based on predetermined conditions.”

Our regoUniversity | Insider’s Guide to Workflows covers when you can leverage workflows, how to design workflows, and what other companies are doing with Clarity PPM workflows. In other words, where to start when you’re ready to implement workflows.

Clarity PPM provides stock processes you can use to approve documents, timesheets, and ideas,” says Sankhadeep Dhar.

If you’d like to learn when to associate a process with an interface or job, where to use splits and joins, and how to take a process from beginning to end, join this webinar, which will prepare you for its follow-up, when you’ll have the opportunity to build a workflow from scratch.

Clarity PPM administrators, as well as functional and technical users can submit questions, and anyone in the community is welcome to apply for registration. Reserve your seat for regoUniversity | Insider’s Guide to Workflows .

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