Housekeeping with Clarity Out-of-the-Box Jobs

Is your database feeling “data clogged?” Do a little housekeeping with Clarity’s out-of-the-box jobs!

With all the Clarity notifications, logs, and audit trails that users and administrators rely on to troubleshoot system actions, a database may get clogged up quickly, making it harder to find needed information and slowing system performance.

When it comes to application logging, Clarity includes out-of-the-box Jobs that help with housekeeping. Whether you run them ad hoc or on a set schedule, these pre-defined actions can automate standard administrative processes.

Sounds great, right? So, how do you get started?

  1. First, make sure that you’re granted Jobs-Access, Jobs-Run-All, or Specified Instances to view and execute jobs as a user or administrator.
  2. Next, take a look at the Available Jobs page, which lists all jobs that a user or administrator can access and execute. You can get there in Classic PPM by clicking Home, Reports and Jobs (possibly located under Home), then Available Jobs from the Jobs tab.
  3. Finally, click a Job and provide the appropriate selection parameters for the required outcome.

Here’s a quick look at several Jobs – all provided as out-of-the-box options – that you can run as processes to help keep your application logging data in proper order.

Clean User Session Job
Function: Removes the expired session-based user data logged in Resources and stored in the application
Criteria: Session has expired

Delete Log Analysis Data Job
Function: Removes Clarity log analysis data
Criteria: Log Date

Purge Audit Trail Job
Function: Removes all audit trail records according to specified settings defined in the Audit Trail Attributes of each Clarity Object in Studio
Criteria: The Objects Audit Trail Tab in Administration/Studio defines the number of days an Investment or Custom Object’s Audit Trail is retained

Remove Job Logs and Report Library Entries Job
Function: Removes old job log entries and report library entries
Criteria: Job or Report Age (Days)

Note: The next three jobs can be set up numerous times with specific conditions to delete Process Instances, Notifications, or Reports in different cadences. This allows a user or administrator to retain these items longer than others if required for an Internal Audit or another purpose.

Delete Process Instance Job
Function: Removes Process Instances according to specified settings
Tip: Rego expert guides recommend running this job before each Application Upgrade
Criteria: Can be set up to run by defined process, date range, and status

Purge Notifications Job
Function: Removes all notifications according to specified settings
Criteria: Notification Type, Created Date, and Assignee

Purge Report Output Job
Function: Removes stored report output from the application according to specified settings
Criteria: Report Output Format, Report Name, Run Dates, and Run By

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Housekeeping with Clarity Out-of-the-Box Jobs

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