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At regoUniversity we gather the brightest minds in the CA PPM crowd together. Our purpose is to explore the latest tools and help you secure quantifiable results.

While we offer many tracks, if you embrace the functional side of CA PPM, you can choose training courses from five areas, and join the extra two-day RM PM Track.

5 Functional Opportunities for CA PPM

Could you use some guidance with Portfolio Management, Resource Management, Financial Management, Demand Management, or Project Management in your instance of CA PPM? See the CA PPM training agenda for these topics.

Rego’s staff of experts will teach you best practices in each of these categories, including how other companies are seeing success in each area. We’ll have smaller roundtable discussions so you can collaborate on a variety of topics with your peers and expert guides, and you’ll leave knowing about the most important updates and innovations in PPM. View testimonials.

What Sessions Should You Attend?

For those on the functional side, try a schedule like Lindsey’s. Lindsey is a Functional Lead who’s been with her company four years. Her primary goal at regoUniversity is to gain an overall understanding of the functional management capability of CA PPM and share experiences with others in the group.

angestellte am pc bei der arbeitSample Schedule:

+ Portfolio Management: Overview, Customer Experience, and Round Tables

+ Project Management: Overview, Customer Experience, and Round Tables

+ Demand Management: Overview, Customer Experience, and Round Tables

+ Financial Management: Overview, Customer Experience, and Round Tables

+ Resource Management: Overview, Customer Experience, and Round Tables

When Lindsey leaves, she’ll be able to immediately use what she has learned at regoUniversity to energize her organization’s CA PPM environment.

Bring New Energy to Your Work

Whatever tracks you choose, you’ll learn how other people and companies face similar challenges and develop efficient, long-term solutions. That means you’ll be able to optimize your environment, build one-on-one relationships, and bring best practices to your day-to-day. Register for early bird pricing today.


What do you want to see at regoUniversity 2016?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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