Atul Kunkulol, CA PPM Consultant

Atul Kunkulol, CA PPM Consultant & Webinar Co-Host

Due to popular demand, we’re back with Part 2 of regoUniversity | Jaspersoft Ad Hoc Webinar. We’ve taken your questions from Part 1 and constructed a great training you won’t want to miss.

On Tuesday, November 24th at 12:00 PM EST learn Jaspersoft. Registration is limited to the first hundred sign-ups, and we maxed out fast last time. Join here: regoUniversity | Jaspersoft Ad Hoc Webinar

[Part 2].

Part 2 | Jaspersoft Ad Hoc Reporting

So what will you get in this free Jaspersoft training?

The regoUniversity | Jaspersoft Ad Hoc Webinar [Part 2] starts where we left off. We’ll address popular questions you sent to us, like how to format an Ad Hoc report and handle security options. We’ll dive into dashboards and show you functionality options from opening web pages to advanced dashboarding for Project and Resource Management.

Perhaps most exciting, you’ll go through Studio reporting and learn how to connect to the database, lay out a simple report (like a Project List), and deploy your report to the server. It’s the entire cycle of Studio Report Creation.

free, jaspersoft, webinar, CA PPM, Ad Hoc, Rego, Atul Kunkulol, CA Clarity, Clarity PPM, studio reports, security, formatting (1)“Jaspersoft is an exciting platform,” says Atul Kunkulol, CA PPM Consultant and Jaspersoft webinar host. “Any user can develop reports and dashboards, make changes, and send reports out for pixel-perfect viewing on phones and tablets.”

You Don’t Need Developers for Ad Hoc Jaspersoft Reporting

One of the big differences separating the CA PPM 14.2 and CA PPM 14.3 versions is user friendliness, including a big boost to your dashboarding capabilities. Watch our experts discuss the 14.3 solutions and do an on-air demo of live report creation and mobile app viewing in the Rego PPM Hangout On Air | Moving to Jaspersoft and CA PPM 14.3.

And learn how to do it yourself in regoUniversity | Jaspersoft Ad Hoc Webinar [Part 1]. Participants learn how to create out-of-the-box and custom ad hoc reports, email pixel-perfect versions of those reports to non-CA PPM contacts, and view the reports and dashboards on mobile devices and tablets.

Do you need a comprehensive description of all the technical changes in CA PPM 14.3? Feel free to request a presentation. We’ve gone through value adds end-to-end.

And to aide in a smooth transition as you plan your upgrade strategies, join our regoUniversity | Jaspersoft Ad Hoc Webinar [Part 2] where our brilliant technical consultants will give you the scoop on everything exciting about Jaspersoft. Registration is limited. Sign up now.

Do you have questions about CA PPM 14.3 and Jaspersoft? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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