Case Study: Cummins deploys Clarity globally

Company: Cummins Inc.
Industry: Heavy equipment
Size: 54,600 employees

The customer: a global power leader

In the 1920s, Cummins was an early developer of the diesel engine. Now, as a Fortune 500 company, Cummins continues to design, manufacture, sell, and service diesel and alternative fuel engines, as well as related components and technology in more than 190 countries and territories.

The challenge: the global rollout of Clarity

Cummins is organized into four distinct but complementary business segments: Engine, Power Systems, Components, and Distribution. Each business segment partners with Clarity and Rego Consulting to support their individual Clarity SaaS instances and their common core.

For Cummins Power Systems, one of the critical success factors in their last 18-month roadmap was to have a single version of truth for all project-related data. To accomplish this, Cummins decided to deploy Clarity across all Power Systems groups globally and retire other systems.

The solution: people, process, and software

Cummins partnered with Rego Consulting to assist with extensive documentation, additional configuration and processes, risk management enhancements, and user training to support the rollout of Clarity to the global Power Systems Group.

Rego developed documentation capabilities including information capture to facilitate minute tracking and the creation of issues from action items. For Lessons Learned, Rego implemented the ability to flag and report on any project items requiring review. And to assist with bringing quality data into Clarity from another tool, Rego designed a Quality Module with reporting functionality and a phased-migration plan.

Cummins also turned to Rego and Clarity to revamp and enhance risk management, assist with standardizing financial data, and conduct end-user training for change management and adoption.

The benefits: a single version of truth for project-related data

With expert guidance from Rego, Cummins retired legacy systems and ensured data continuity as they began the global Power Systems rollout of Clarity. Cummin’s robust documentation, Quality Module, and tracking systems now allow detailed views into existing processes, risks, and action items. With new users trained in financials and tool usage, adoption is progressing on track, and Cummins is poised to meet their 18-month roadmap goal: a single version of truth for all project-related data.

Additionally, Cummins feels confident hosting their single source of truth, Clarity, on AWS. This enables easy upgrades with Broadcom’s quarterly release schedule, as well as automated issue recovery, automated backups, and automated patching. 

For more information on Cummins Global IT, Engineering and Product Management, contact Rego Consulting.

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Clarity SaaS hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) leverages the most modern AWS cloud services to provide a secure, scalable and reliable platform for Clarity. As a select consulting partner with AWS, Rego is closely aligned with Amazon to modernize enterprise applications through the use of native AWS services with ongoing innovation.

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