Today we will discuss how to find the Database Table and Attribute for a Field on an Object in Clarity (formerly Clarity PPM).

Clarity | Database Field and Attribute

To find the Database Table and Attribute for a particular Field on an Object, start within the Project screen.

In this demo, we want to find the Database Field for the Start Date. Since it’s a Project Object, we navigate through the following steps: Studio > Objects > Object Name > Attributes.

Now you’re looking at a screen full of Attributes. Scroll down and look for “Start.” This row has the “Start Date.” We can see that it’s “Active.” We can see that the “Data Type” is a “Date.”

There’s a “Database Table” cell, and the column just to the right is the actual “Database Column” containing that data.

And that’s how you find the Database Table and Attribute for a Field on an Object.

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