ca ppm 14.1 studio content managementIn our last post Clarity PPM 14.1 Offers VersionOne Integration, we talked about the exciting new partnership between Broadcom/CA and VersionOne that’s allowing agile teams the flexibility to manage and execute projects and applications with whatever agile methodologies or tools they prefer. 

VersionOne Integration is only one upside of the October 2014 release of Clarity 14.1. Aside from the new product branding, Clarity 14.1 touts four new features.

  1. VersionOne Integration
  2. Microsoft Project Integration
  3. Studio Content Management
  4. On-Demand Integration Adapter 

Today we’re going to look at the redesign of the Microsoft Project integration and the new Studio Content Management feature.

Dramatic Improvements in Clarity 14.1 Microsoft Project Integration

Broadcom pulled out all the stops when they redesigned the Microsoft Project integration. You’ll see huge improvements in performance, usability, and scalability.

To put it in context, some case studies showed a 6000% performance improvement. That means some tasks that used to take twenty minutes now take twenty seconds.

Clarity 14.1 Adds Studio Content Management

Another exciting feature of Clarity 14.1 is Studio Content Management, which allows you to move configuration content between environments without having to know XML or XOG facilities. The easy-to-use interface packages configuration content, puts it in a file, and allows you to move the file to another Clarity system.

Another perk: you can use the feature to package services and configured content for your own customers, as well as localize the content you’re deploying within the content manager.


To account for anticipated de-bugging, Rego Consulting recommends that you wait to upgrade until the next version comes out. Are you using the Clarity 14.1 Microsoft Project integration or Studio Content Management? We’d love to hear your experience in the comments below.

If you liked this post, stay tuned for our next: “Clarity 14.1 Offers On-Demand Integration Adapter.”

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