Case Study: Liberty Mutual safeguards productivity and project delivery with accelerated performance of Clarity

Company: Liberty Mutual
Industry: Insurance
Size: 50,000 employees

The customer: protecting individuals, families and businesses

Liberty Mutual is a diversified global insurer and the fourth largest property and casualty insurer in the USA. It offers a wide range of insurance products and services to individuals and businesses alike, helping people preserve and protect what they earn, build, own, and cherish.

The challenge: poor peak time performance

Liberty Mutual has approximately 20,000 projects live at any time, ranging from developing new online apps and services to integrating new acquisitions around the world.

The organization and its 10,000 users rely on Clarity Project and Portfolio Management to deliver projects in an efficient and timely manner. However, despite a healthy database, during peak usage Clarity had started to slow and display ‘out of memory’ warnings, impacting user productivity and efficiency.

The solution: re-sizing the environment

Liberty Mutual selected Rego Consulting to help ensure the required level of performance of its PPM system.

Rego experts conducted a performance review which revealed that the application performed heap data dumps as large as 1.5 gigabytes (GB) and 1GB for the BG memory, which meant that Java Virtual Machines spent significant time garbage collecting.

The performance review also indicated low database memory. For Oracle databases, Rego recommends that the buffer cache hits over 99 percent as fetching data from memory is significantly faster than fetching data from disk.

Rego recommended and implemented additional JVM and BG memory, enlarged database cores, and added JVM for XOG users, administrators, and schedulers.

The benefits: enhanced performance and productivity

Rego’s recommendations and intervention have resolved the issues being experienced by Liberty Mutual and improved the performance of its Clarity system.

As a result, the company is benefitting from enhanced productivity of its 10,000 users, safeguarding the timely delivery of projects to support continued growth and efficiency.

Rego Consulting efficiently pinpointed and resolved the issues affecting the performance of CA PPM to deliver a stable and effective environment that safeguards productivity and project delivery across the company globally.

PMO Director