Case Study: Industrial leader safeguards productivity and project delivery with improved PPM system performance

Company: Leading diversified industrial corporation
Service: Performance Management
Tool: Clarity Project & Portfolio Management

The challenge: poor system performance

As a global organization with more than 10,000 projects and 5,000 users, the customer is highly reliant on the performance of Clarity Project and Portfolio Management to support the efficient delivery of projects and safeguard user productivity.

Over time, users had started to experience frequent and persistent slow-running of the solution, which was affecting their productivity. They had also noticed inconsistencies between the database CPU and application CPU which further slowed performance and the processing of requests.

The solution: optimal job scheduling and database streamlining

The company enlisted Rego Consulting to assist with improving the performance of the business-critical system.

Rego conducted a series of analytics to understand usage levels and job processing times. This enabled it to identify the ideal time to run certain jobs in order to optimize data availability and performance.

Rego technicians also analyzed statistics, tables, and indexes for fragmentation, which had exceeded the recommended 30 percent threshold, so they recommended and ran a shrink operation on the tables to improve performance.

Rego also uncovered an undersized database cache and an excessive number of database sessions lasting several minutes and causing session blocking and high physical I/O. The issues were resolved by scheduling Oracle jobs to run at night, disabling the Oracle cron job, and rebuilding long-running SQL indexes.

The benefits: increased productivity and efficiency

By leveraging Rego’s experience in analyzing, tuning, and rewriting Clarity PPM processes, the company has improved application performance and regained a stable and consistent PPM environment.

Its 5,000 users worldwide are benefitting from faster response times, which enhances their productivity and efficiency and safeguards the timely delivery of projects to support the company’s business objectives.

Rego Consulting demonstrated deep expertise in CA PPM, accurately identifying and efficiently resolving performance issues, which has improved the experience and productivity of our 5,000 users around the globe.
PMO Director