Case Study: Healthcare provider enhances efficiency with scalable and standardized project and portfolio management

Project profile: healthcare provider
Service: RegoProcess
Tool: Clarity

The challenge: disparate systems and processes

The provision of high quality healthcare services increasingly relies on innovative technology combined with timely and reliable IT services.

The company’s information services (IS) project management office (PMO) had evolved and grown and was using multiple systems with different processes and templates. To better support thousands of physicians, nurses and other staff, it was keen to streamline processes and tools and increase their adoption across the organization. The company needed to define and deploy a scalable standardized approach and supporting solution for project management of IS and other strategic projects.

The solution: scalable, integrated approach

The healthcare provider selected Rego Consulting to assist with defining a scalable, integrated project management methodology aimed at helping the organization focus on strategic IT solutions that improved the overall business.

Rego Consulting worked closely with the company’s PMO to streamline their templates and processes and then to align them with Clarity, their preferred project and portfolio management solution.

To ensure scalability, Rego Consulting increased the quality assurance and auditing role of the PMO to facilitate wider adoption and ensure adherence to the new methodology. In addition, Rego and the healthcare provider selected AWS to host their solution, to ensure easy horizontal scaling.

The benefits: enhanced reporting, adoption and service delivery

By partnering with Rego Consulting, the healthcare provider has achieved its goal of implementing a standardized methodology and scalable solution. It quickly experienced significant improvements in the ease and quality of reporting that, as well as enabling better insight, facilitates auditing for the organization.

The streamlined and automated processes and templates have increased efficiency and safeguard project quality.

The company’s IS project management standards are now being accepted and adopted by other departments and their respective PMOs, which will further support the provision of high quality services to staff and their patients.

Rego is the world’s #1 reseller of Clarity by Broadcom. We provide services to 70% of Clarity’s North American customer base.

Clarity SaaS hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) leverages the most modern AWS cloud services to provide a secure, scalable and reliable platform for Clarity. As a select consulting partner with AWS, Rego is closely aligned with Amazon to modernize enterprise applications through the use of native AWS services with ongoing innovation.

Rego Consulting has worked with 60% of Fortune 100 Companies.

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