Case Study: Altice USA safeguards innovation and investments with enhanced project and portfolio management performance

Customer profile: Altice USA (formerly Cablevision)
Industry: Telecommunications & Media
Size: Over 10,000 employees

The customer: connecting and entertaining customers

Altice USA, formerly known as Cablevision, is one of the largest broadband communications and video services providers in the United States. It delivers innovative, customer-centric products, and solutions to more than 4.9 million residential and business customers across 21 states.

The challenge: process and system shortcomings

As a technology-driven organization, Altice USA continually innovates and invests in its networks and services to enhance the customer experience and deliver maximum value.

Altice USA was experiencing system and process problems with its current project and portfolio management (PPM) solution, which was hampering estimation, allocation, and resource management across its portfolio of 860 active projects.

To safeguard effective and timely project delivery as well as user productivity, the company needed a high performing system that would integrate seamlessly with its Oracle Financials environment and Jaspersoft for enhanced reporting.

The solution: an upgraded, high performing solution

Rego Consulting was selected to advise on and assist with a CA Project & Portfolio Management (CA PPM, formerly CA Clarity) upgrade project. After cleansing inactive data, Rego configured and installed CA PPM 14.2 and migrated Altice USA’s project information and users to the new system.

As well as significantly reducing database size, Rego increased memory and CPU (central processing unit) capacity to accelerate performance and improve the user experience.

Rego also designed two custom interfaces in order to facilitate the adoption of a new module for demand tracking, which Altice USA had decided to deploy as part of the upgrade and migration.

Following a successful migration, Rego provided training on both the system and project methodology for Altice USA’s 1,400 users, minimizing any loss of productivity.

The benefits: improved visibility and decision-making

With a resized environment and upgraded system, Altice USA can now take advantage of CA PPM’s full functionality, which includes estimation, allocation, and resource management, as well as powerful reporting through integration with Oracle and Jaspersoft.

Improved functionality and performance are also delivering a better experience, and enhancing the productivity of, Altice USA’s users, which will safeguard the company’s ability to deliver innovative products and services.

Altice USA is now planning to extend its use of CA PPM to include corrective and preventive action (CAPA), mobile time sheets and portfolio management. It also intends to onboard field personnel and business users in future.

Rego Consulting helped us to smoothly upgrade our CA PPM system and take advantage of new functionality and better performance. As well as improving user experience and productivity, this will also enhance the delivery of new products and services.
Senior PPM Director, Altice, USA