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Jerry Dolak (center) | Vice President, Project Delivery

Last week at the regoUniversity conference in Tampa, we sat down in the Open Labs with Jerry Dolak. Jerry is the Vice President of Project Delivery, and he kindly shared a CA PPM Quick Tip: How to Replace a Resource on a Project. 

Watch the video here or on our YouTube channel, and read Jerry’s advice on how to quickly change resources on a project following the video.

CA PPM makes the process easy, and you can even keep your project actuals.

CA PPM Quick Tips| Replace a Resource on a Project, Video Demo

It’s Easy to Change Resources on a Project in CA PPM

If you want to take a resource off a project and replace him/her with someone else, it’s a quick process, said Jerry. In CA PPM (CA Clarity PPM), select the “Team” tab, and next to the resource name, select the “Resource Finder.”

When you have a resource on a project, CA PPM actually populates the Resource Finder based on the role you’re attempting to replace and the availability of those prospective replacements.

If you have a good match, based on role and availability, you can select one or more resources to replace the person being reassigned.

This allows you to move the allocation and any future ETCs from the resource you’ve removed to the new resource(s). By doing this quick fix, said Jerry, you’ll keep all the project actuals you already had in place, and all it requires is using the “Resource Finder” in the “Team” tab within CA PPM.

If you liked this CA PPM Quick Tip, stay tuned. Several of our favorite regoUniversity conference instructors took the time to record a quick tip for us at regoUniversity.

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